Released on 1990-06-10


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6 Results: Released on 1990-06-10 (Calendar View)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Securitate Bloodsuckers Party Intro Intro 1990-06-10 e Y P Cr Txt  6eb5e60e 7062
Chrome The Days of the Living Plasma Intro 1990-06-10 e Y P Cr Tag  41f6613f 3157
Stack Goreback 90 Intro Intro 1990-06-10 e Y P Cr  dcae9a54 9657
Disknet Confused Lines Demo 1990-06-10 e Y P Cr  23a86daa 1889
Accession Psychomania Demo 1990-06-10 a Y P Cr  n/a 16876
Paranoimia Turrican Cracktro 1990-06-10 e Y 17ea53f7 5768