Group: Lunatics


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13 Releases: Lunatics (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Lunatics Copper Scroller Intro   e Y 4897
Lunatics Spending My Time Intro   e Y 4902
Lunatics Bexltro Intro 1992 e Y 4899
Lunatics Division Intro Intro 1992 e Y 3b5b54f7 10801
Lunatics Infinite Dreams Musicdisk 1992 3d Y 4894
Lunatics Infotron Intro 1992 e Y 4898
Lunatics Mandelbrot Generator Utility 1992 a Y coop with AD Towers n/a 16761
Lunatics Pack Mintro Intro 1992 e Y 02930504 12887
Lunatics Ability BBS Intro Intro 1992‑0705 e Y 4895
Lunatics Cool BBS Intro Intro 1992‑08 e Y 8aa02c21 4896
Lunatics The Search Intro 1992‑0801 e Y 4901
Lunatics Austrian Division Intro Intro 1992‑09 e Y 4900
Lunatics Existro Intro 1992‑0926 e Y P  9075