Skid Row - Solid VektorsDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text
-- skid row present --z                     -- solid vektors --  z              
     c another mega part in           d    -- hot stuff --    z                 
   c  the ultimate megademo by skid row!!!!     fuck off  and die once more!  
eat your heart out!!! here you see filled vectors and a sinus scroll at the same
time... and the object is not a boring simple convex one!             d       we
are the best!   z                   c      here is also our greetings!      
mega hellos go to the ones who deserve it!!!    only!!!!        hello to:       
   w. c. f.       z        (world cracking federation to all you lamers out
there...)               world of wonders   z               paranoimia       z   
  and last not least... the best...       skid row        z                and
to no one else because those were the only ones worth mentioning!!        skid
row will never die or surrender!!!        never!!!!                             
  the best signing out...

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