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happy new year freax!! team-x is proud to present a little .piece of
programming. credits+restshit later. ...war is still stor.ming.   more enemies 
more lamers  .more fun!! justice is lost  justice is raped  .justice is gone...
winning is all! predator typing again. i wanna .say this to everybody who are in
war against us. it does not matter .what u say or what u write. you can do it
your own way if it is done .just as we say! team-x will never die! we live
forever! boozing is .life and life is coool! cool is rule!!   yeah thiz is
highlander .typing... i should create sum bullshit... fucking difficult!!! ok..
hey all you stupid mother fuckers who have decided to kill us: how .you are
gonna do it! any of our members are not going to leave us or join sum other
group because of your phone calls or idiotic .. join us. letters ..  if you
think that you can terminate us by sending fuckings (maybe mega-fuckings!!!) in
your demos you must be some kind  of kehari. nobody takes fuckings seriously. if
people are still inte.rested in reading your scrollers after 1o different
addresses they .will reset their machines at least in greetinx. then there is
the .third way to kill us.... just give our address to the police! but .there is
2 disadvantages.... 1. finnish police does not give a shit .for that kind of
problem!! 2. if they would that would be the end of .you too. so... personally i
hope that all so called killers die soon .and when they die i hope they suffer!!
ps. you can not do it!!! ok. .now sum bloody booring mezzys to my friends....
arne of team-x : be .cool and be at home when i call you. do you need more muzax
food or .beer.    magnus the dick : cmon dude! where is my tape! gimme a call
sometime ! i will do some boozing calls soon.    alan : thanx for .vhs. good bye
pork pie comming soon. happy new year pal!!     white.snake : remember visit me!
    mic dair : hyva luit siis tanne asti.. mainitse kirjeessa jotain. ok end of
booring highlander bullshit. .and now the credits of this shit... coding : mad
lord and dr.doom .muzax : mike the revolution  fonts : ddt   and piggy :
rasputin (.we do not know his groups name)    now the scroller will restart.
.press left or right mouse button to exit.

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