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And the legend continues\ I bet you didn't expect this\                    * *
CLONES * *                    strike again with a brand new intro called        
           ^ The Dragons ^                    You thought that you had got rid
of us? NO WAY!You've to learn to live with us\ We'll never give up!May I
introduce the productive crew behind this piece of bytes? Ok,the marvellous
CLONES logo in the very beginning of this intro was pixeled ` @Idle @\ Those two
magnificent dragons up there were drawn ` @ Ooze @\ This superb tune,the ^ logo
between those dragons,the equalizer graphics & this good-looking font were
designed ` our multi-active $@= Particle =@$ (who else?)\ This hyperoptimized
(let me laugh,this is everything else than optimized\) code,all scrolltext
editing & the poetry in the last page were done ` # Awcy # (Yep,that's me)\
We're sorry that we've kept you guys waiting for this so fucking LONG,but why to
release something in a hurry? This intro shouldn't have any BUGS but you can't
count on it\       _________________________~      %                        }   
 __________~                        {                Cool,or wot? I still
remember the times when I and Brainie lended an Atari 2400 from a shop and
played good old PACMAN for hours!As some guys from Sweden have spreaded a rumour
that [ CLONES [ are splitting up,we will now show them our deepest respect in
the shape of our hairy ARSES!                      (Applause)                   
   You know the lamers from Sweden,when they see a beautiful,hairy ass,they get
a hard on! [[[  After one year's period of HEAVY music I've started listening to
DEPECHE MODE\ DM is definitely one of the best live bands in the whole world!Too
bad that the new maxisingles ÿEnjoy the silenceÿ and ÿPersonal Jesusÿ are
sold out here in Finland\ Now a message from CLONES HQ to all the ÿoh so
littleÿ fellows around the world (especially in Finland) > Please don't contact
us for swapping < We won't take any new contacts because we don't have any time
at all!Contact * Gizzy * or * Phobos of FART * instead\ (addresses shown
afterwards\) All our time goes nowadays to keep up our swapping with the
friends,producing The Final Ecstasy magazine and some other funny stuff\ * * *
Another message for the Finnish lamers > Vetþkþþ kþteen saatanan runkut!Ei
oikein kehitþ kerþtþ poste restantesta sadoittain jotain epþtoivoisia
kirjeitþ,missþ ruikataan stuffia\ Ok pals,now I'm going to start the crappy
talking about the social crisis of or lives\ Hahhaa!Fucked you up once again\ I
am truly sorry for my bad taste of humour but everybody needs a channel to blow
out their dirty thoughts.There are people that think I am a pervert of all
perverts\ but that's also a channel to flush my brain.How could I survive in
this twisted world where you will be neglected if you are a bit different from
the others? You have to be a lot different to be a cool guy\ and you still have
to kiss somebody's arse.That's sick I think.As I am nowadays ranked pretty nurd
around here,I think I've to give some regards to my friends who have supported
me in my dark phases\ * * A thought for my friends > Am I here to stay? Have I
been here for nothing? What have I done with my life? My friends know me
well,they know me deep inside\ without friends there would be nothing worth
living\ nothing to remember when you're old.Why to change my style of living?
Why to chase those dreams in vain? Why not just living on and keep dreaming?
That's the thing I'm going to do! * * My (Awcy's) golden personals to > John of
BillyJohn * Illuminator of Amilink * ECS of Crusaders * Kid Icarus of Babygang *
Striper of Horizon * Wezz of Energy Spreaders UK * Raster of FF * Electronic
Force of MAD * Whitesnake of Critters * Beast of Phantasie * Fizz of FF *
Watchman of Complex * Saigon of Savage & ICS * Hellraiser of Venom * Crack Dawn
of Exult * Apache of Animate * Xor of D-Mob * Captain Carlsberg of Mastercrew *
Lucifer of FF * Cable of Complex * Einstein of The Warfalcons * Angeldust of
Avenger * Hoffi of Bloodsuckers * Thunder of Browbeat * The Dragon of Strangers
< I can't remember all of you guys,sorry\ but the main thing was said\ It's a
hell of a job to write a scroller without any inspiration.I guess I should
change the subject and write Gizzy's personal specials to > Vision Factory *
Monotow * Brainwave < (that's it\ pretty few I think\) I'll just drop by at
Brainie's place and switch to his text,ok??   _______________~               
It's time to Brainie say his things\ Yep!It's Brainie (brainy?) here.So let's
start with normal things.Greetings!Only specials\ And they go to >    Rolex of
Freedom Force (waiting for nightcalls?),Nefarious of ESA (how's your hand? Try
to code hard man!I hope you like this piece of s\ I hope to meet you
someday\),Kinky Roy of Clones (what do you think about this? You're cool man\),
Deathhawk of Cult (what can I say? You're COOL!I hope we can meet
someday\),Xenox of Desaster Area (still life? Megalo greets to ya
friend\),Electronic Force of MAD (You're sendings have always been very
cool!Thanx for those cracks\),Scattergold of Brainstorm (your magazine is
marvellous!It's great to swap with ya\),Eku of Cave (well,you've improved your
letters a lot!You're cool\),Crux of Wizzcat (cool contact!Longer letters
please\),Newton of ESA (Cool contact),Beatmaster (I'm waiting to hear your
musics\) Hey guys that was all!Not very much or what? Do you know what's best
music group in the whole world? Correct answer is >  D E P E C H E  M O D E ! !
! Fucking GREAT music I think (or what do ya think Awzy?) (Just Aaaaah Oooooh
Iiiih Cooooool!I LUV DM! Aaah! -Awcy)   Soon coming > ] But not yet!   * * *
There has been a tragedy!Jukkis lost almost all of his computer equipment,worth
of about 4000 US dollars\ There was a fire at his flat,where he lives when he's
studying.And he had NO insurance\ Does GOD exist? I don't think so\ As there has
been our complete greetingslist in our every intro,I won't write any normal
greetlist here\ Now you're fucked up alright!I'll give Brainie a chance to write
something as I'm bored\  > > >     It's Brainie here!I think I've spoken enough
shit,so here is my story (as always\)I'm sorry if you don't like it (it's not my
PROBLEM\)So here it comes (ready or not)  This time I continue my last story and
here is some information for those guys who didn't read my last one > In that
story we were in a copyparty near Soviet Union's border and we decided to visit
the russians.Ok,we went there and a couple of nasty things happened to us but we
came back alive.Let's continue this new story.So we were at our copyparty.It was
nice party.Then we heard phone ringing and Awcy went to answer it.It was Juxxis
who called.He said that he'll come to the party.He'll be here soon.So we waited
and waited\ and at last he came!Juxxis said that he went to wrong direction
(that is fucking normal for him) then he said that he got fuckin' great
idea!Let's go to Russia!(aaarrgghhh) Yes!sure,said Awcy,use shotgun it's easier
way to die!What,Juxxis said.Well,said Awcy,we just were there and it wasn't very
funny.Are you guys afraid of something? asked Juxxis.No!We're not!We show you
that we aren't scared!Let's go to that fucking motherfucking dogshit place
called Soviet Union,said Rolex of Freedom Force and Amiga
Industries.(shithead!Are we going back there again? No way man) So,again we were
ready to go to our lovely (?) neighbour land\ this time we went there a
different way.We went couple kms with car (LADA ofcourse) and then we began to
walk (that was a shitty thing.Over 30 cm's of snow in ground.Just try that
yourself) Soon everybody was dreaming about being in front of a nice little
fireplace and there would be a little fire and in your hand you'd got a cup of
Koskenkorva (with no fucking Dole juice on it.Or what Awcyli?) Well,enough of
dreams\ back to reality!Well,this is good time to tell you who are with us in
this awful trip > Awcy,Brainie (that's me if you didn't know) and Juxxis from
the best Finnish group called Clones (pieni mainos ei haittaa) and also there
were Rolex and Raster from Freedom Worse (oops,I mean Freedom Force and Amiga
Industries),Nefarious of ESA,Striper fr;n Horizon and last and surely least (?)
Stingray from Exodus.Well,we walked and walked.But suddenly we came to road.Hey
this ain't in map,said Nefarious.Let me see,said Raster\ Yes,gotta say that
you're right!DAMN!This must be new road But where it goes? Let's continue
walking in this road and look where it goes (surely not to Rome) We were
happier.It's mutch better to walk in a road than in snowy forest!Boys be
careful,said Juxxis,there might be russian soldiers near.Stingray,make sure that
there ain't nobody coming behind us.We continued walking carefully about 2
kms.It had started to snow again and it was fucking cold.We must be in
Russia,said Striper,there ain't place where is so cold than here!Well,maybe in
your ass,said Awcy.(hah,hah)Relax boys!We should soon be near the border,said
Juxxis.Funny that we haven't seen anybody,really strange\ suddenly bright light
went on!We couldn't see anything for 10 seconds!It took some time until our eyes
accomodated (I don't know if that is right word, but you understand)to
light.Then we saw a couple of cars and lots of men.In car there was a sign >
Sickle and hammer!Hey,what is this!We're still in Finland!No youo're nut,said
one man (it was hard to understand what he said) Yuo're not in Finsland yuo're i
Soviet Union (only word that he said right) What!We said all together.Hey,there
must be somekind of mistake!Look from this map,man!We're are here and Soviet's
border is here.Yuo man see thiss maap iss make in 1934!What!Hey this is
Nefarious' map!Where did you get this? From library,said Nefarious.Oh shit.This
map is ancient.And we are in deep shit,really deeeeep shit,said Juxxis (the
leader) Yuo men come to kar und than we goe to uor headquarter (whoah,again
right word.What a day) we went to the car.Soldiers took our things,but Awcy hide
little knife into his boots.We sat in car and looked out from the window.There
wasn't anything to look at,just forest.What are they gonna do to us? They took
us to the nearest KGB's HQ (this time it's not nice to be in some group's
HQ)They took all of us into a little room where we saw a little writingtable and
a chair.We had to stand (but I do anything if I could leave from this country)
We waited a little moment until a man came in.He looked really angry (aarrgghh)
then examination began.Names,said man (in good english) We lied to him and said
wrong names! Gladly we left our wallets to the party place and there were all
our things (ID cards and things like that) then he asked our ages.Well,we didn't
lie about that thing (not very much.Rolex and Juxxis said that they are 17.We
thought that we have better changes if all of us are under aged) Then he asked
why we're here.We told that we're lost (almost true) It's a lie!Shouted
man.You're spies!USA has sent you!(hah!Biggest joke that I've heard for a long
time) You're gonna go to the prison camp!What!Hey you motherfucking dickface!We
have our rights!We must call to our consulate!You have no rights here,shouted
man!You're gonna be in the camp the  rest of your life!Die in shit you Stalin
fucker,I shouted (well,that was last point for him) Out!He shouted,out!He
shouted something in russian and few soldiers came in and hit us in the head
(bang,bang)  \  I woke up and I had a terrible headache.I looked over me and
tried to remember what had happened.And then I remembered!Shit!I was in little
cell.There was dark and fucking wet!I tried to find other guys.I found all of
them (huh,it would be terrible to be here alone) We didn't have a light or
anything.We we're in deep shit.And here was real shit!It really smelled.But
gladly juxxis found matches from a pocket of his jacket.Soldiers didn't look
from there.Our luck.And luck was what we really needed.Next Awcy remembered that
he's got a knife in his boots!It was little knife but might be very useful (I
hope so) Juxxis used one match.Light showed what kind of a place we were
in.There were fucking many cock(roach)s all over the place (and they were
fucking big) and what kind of diseases they carry!Urgh!There was wet as I said
and Rolex noticed that there was somekind of a hole in the floor where water
goes.There was unluckily bars and we couldn't go there.But Raster noticed that
it was old building and here must have been wet all the time.We could maybe dig
there and take those bars off.But how we can dig,asked Rolex.With knife,said
Juxxis happily.Hey Awcy give that knife to me and I'll start to dig.It was slow
job. Hour went by,but at last when it was my turn to dig I managed to get the
bars off!We looked down.It was dark there.There must be lots of rats there,so
beware,Juxxis said.Juxxis was first.He got the knife,then I went in and then
Awcy,Striper,Rolex,Raster,Nefarious and last one was Stingray.He put bars back
to cover the hole and nobody would understand where we disappeared.When we were
down there in sewer,there were three ways to go.Tunnel was about 3 meters high
and 2 wide.Enough space for us.Gladly this is old building.It would be hard to
go in a half meter high and wide pipe (that was just an example.I don't know how
high and wide they really are) We began to walk into one tunnel.We didn't know
which way we should go.It was even fuckier to walk in shit than in snow!Snow
doesn't smell!And shit really smells!(uuh, I hope here is not rats) But then we
saw first rat and how big it was!About half a meter long (little thing) We begin
to run like maniacs when we saw it.Nefarious shouted something about rabies.Then
we saw more of rats.Their eyes glided,we could hear their breathing.It sounded
like they were laughing to us!And their eyes!They've got death look in
eyes!Rabies,I said they've got rabies,shouted Nefarious.No,they're just
hungry,poor little things,said Juxxis.Let's give Awcy to them and we could run
away (is this time for jokes?) Heh,heh!Really funny,said Awcy.What about saying
to them that there is a big sausage behind us!Well,I said,anybody want out from
here? Y E S !They shouted.Well just look up,boys!Yes there were ladders.We
climbed up fucking fast.(world record in ladder climbing,I think) There was
little fight who goes first,but everybody managed to get out.One rat tried to
bit  Raster's ass,but missed a bit.And it only got a piece of Raster's
trousers.We noticed that we came to somekind of a store.There was black Lada and
three magic letters in it (is it DOC? No,it's KGB!And if you wanna know what
that means,it's Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnostii.Ok,now you know what KGB
means!Ok,ok\ I tell to you what it means in english > State's Security
Committee.Aahh,feels so safe when there is KGB taking care of
you!Hah,hah,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\) Ok,let's continue again\ We looked over but
we didn't find anything interesting.We went into the car.There were no keys.But
it's not problem for us.Juxxis grabbed some wires under the steering wheel.I
remembered that if you wanna start the car,connect red and black wire
together.But there was a little broblem.There were only red wires.Fucking
communists,said Juxxis.Do they have to put that fucking red everywhere!Well,I
just test these wires.We tested and at last he found the right ones.The car
started.We opened house's doors.And then let's roll man!Juxxis drove like a
maniac (normal for him?) We were still inside the prison camp.But we were going
to get out!We found one pistol from the car.Rolex took it.Alarm-bell began to
ring and lights went on.Soldiers came out from the houses.But we were too quick
for them!We drove through the gate (blast\) and continued driving!We drove a
little while and saw that somebody was driving behind us.Then Juxxis said,what's
the sign over there? We knew what it means!Surely we knew.Drive off from the
road!We shouted.Why? Asked Juxxis.This road is mined!Oh\ Said Juxxis.Ok,let's
see what this Lada can do!Juxxis said.He drove off from the road.There must be
over 30 cm of snow there where we drove.Snow flew all over!I really hope this
ain't mined,Juxxis said.I hope so too,said Rolex.Well,gotta say that Lada is a
fucking good car!You don't need roads!That car which followed us wasn't in our
sight anymore.They're cowards,Said Striper.I think it's time to go back to the
road,said Rolex,I think there are no mines anymore.Ok,back to road,said
Juxxis.Yeah,I'm a roadrunner honey,sang Juxxis (not very good\) Hey there is
border!Shouted Rolex.Good old Finland here we come (again) This time we come
much stylier than last time!Hey!There is one man standing on road,said
Juxxis.Aahh,just fuck his ass!I said.Ok,let's roll!Juxxis drove as fast as he
could.He is not gonna go away,said Rolex.Let's see who is the coward,said
Juxxis,I'm not gonna turn!There was only 10 meters left until man jumped away
from the road!Hah haaa!Motherfucker!Shouted Juxxis out of the window.We're not
safe yet.There is a roadblock.There was a car in the road.We can't make a detour
there.Too much snow over that car.Well,everybody out then.Wait my signal,said
Juxxis.Juxxis drove near the truck.Then he turned.NOW,He shouted.Everybody
jumped out and ran to border.We jumped over the fence and soldiers couldn't do
anything,because we were in Finland!Hah haa!Piss off guys!Then we began to walk
to the party place.A couple of hours later we came to the party.Or what was left
from it!It was burned!But what happened to the party place? That's a different
story!          %   _______________  __ ___  ____~          What did you think
about that? I think it's time to stop.So,bye!              *** Brainie ***      
 Yep,it's Awcyman again (H|h||\) I think this intro has got enough text,so I'll
write some DEPECHE words here and then this shit is really at it's end\ Just
wait for our next HORRORPRODUCT\            ÿWe're flying high\ We're watching
the world pass us by\ Never want to come down\ Never want to put my feet back
down on the ground\

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