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yep, this is it - the first production from escape-finland, released 27 / mar /
90... full credits and contacting address and bbs number may be found from the
de-cruncher screen at the beginning !!     now just some words from starbyte,
the author of this great piece of master !        yep, at last after few minor
problems this is finished. and to tell the truth, this is my last demo under
label of escape, 'coz i, neuromancer and mr.spagehtto are joining accession. so
let's hope we'll see in some of my future projects !!!  now only few msgs to few
friends in the scene         amigaman (wizzcat)  :  nice letters 'eh ?? (more
comix, please !)       „       tc (masterscrew)  :  still lamin' around...? 
gimme a call !           „       tmm  :  nice products, i feel bit sorry 'coz
the dream of our teamdidn't came true...          „       then some big hi's
to few more friends  :  uninvited (fraxion), meegosh (effex) and ofcourse to all
escape-sf members !!               then few words from some other escape sf
members...      hello! mr.spaghetto strikes you with his messages:  sorry
folks,but this is the last escape demo.         ...which in there are my 'great'
musics. now i'm changing team again... i won't tell my new team, but you can try
to catch my name on some demos in the future...                          yo
ladies and all horny little devils ... this is typing ... and now some
things about me ... well i'm the founder,organizer, gfx artist,soon a swapper
and many other things that i will not mention  in this superb scroll , oh yes
and now a finnish  message to everybody : olkaa juustoja tai kuolkaa , eh ...
pretty tuff eh ?? ...  ... well this time i haven't got anything more to say
than that myspacebardoesen'tworkanymore  so now it's time for some personal
golden greetings  ... first of all to escape members all over the  wide world ,
mad/escape:yeah i'd by you a beer if i saw   you,lets continue to be great
friends , ice/kefrens:please  write back i lost your address ,
predator/silverhawks:greets to you who ever you are , savage/unique:heheh ...
still as cool as ever ?? , daniel a+k/pattensen in westgermany ...  ,
meegosh/effex:eh,any demos commi' up ? , ower flow:what about changing your name
to flower power hehe ... bad joke ?? , charlie:nice demo eh ? , kent:call or
write to me soon , nicka/?:heheh be a good boy now.  jorma/himassa:write to me
at once ??? .... rock'n roll you lamers and now some lame greets ... to some
real lamers :priha , jan , errorman and to the rest that i know ... well yes
that's all for now ... no more greets this time .... ok .... always remember to
be cool and get what you want .... signing off !! ( p.s catch ya' later
some time  in another demo and let the pizza be with you)              ... news
flash ... if the sin.str logo is a little bit too much on the left side ... then
your monitor is broken ..... yo freaks, this is trigon here spitting to your
screens !  at first i'd like to send some personal greeetings, hang on ..... 
golu, yet got your phone-bill ? when do, look out for your mother, really do. 
perro, hurry with your musics, we need'em.  crash/browbeat contact me, has mika
told you to do that also, if not, throw him with little rocs.  mad/escape
(swiss), do not drink too much that fucking beer, and write to us immediatly
(don't forget to call our bbs, too !)....   greetings also ofcourse to all
escape-members worldwide .... and now some facts about me:  height- 190cm,
joystick- none working, shirt-green, no no no, i'm going to stop talking shit
now (for a while), and now i'm goin to tell you what i do for escape ... ok... i
have tried to do some codind, but i really haven't made anything to be proud of,
but i really haven't studied yet coding seriously, ofcourse i can boast with my
sin-scroller, if i don't tell anyone that it's 640 pixel's sinus...  the main
thing i do for escape is gfx and soon propably some swapping, so be careful with
your mail, something weird could be coming.... in fact, at the bottom of your
screen you can see my 'sinenstration'-logo, so that talk about gfx wasn't
bullshit, but the bullshit is coming....    soon.....    but not yet. if you
have cool and new vhs-stuff, (germans with dubbings, no thanks) send your list
to us, (with your latest stuff, ofcourse) 100% returning, i promise. so for the
coolest vhs-stuff, just type trigon on the top left corner of the letter .....
and it could manage to my hands ..... all kins of letters are welcome, send your
latest stuff, stickers, your own creations, pictures of your naked
girlfriends....  and don't take me seriously because some people i know says i'm
a bit weird, maybe because of my uncommon hobbies like growing biodynamic
carrots, telling stories about railways and so on.  now again some messages,
this time to some finnish groups... accession, chamber of horrors was fun, more
silly faces to our screens (now happy, got two our members...ex)  unique, new
releases wouldn't be bad for your imago, or... ?  exodus, still the fastest in
finland, not bad, not bad. scoopex, maybe the coolest in finland ? ... now some
words of wisdom in finnish : kukkaa teille, ole vakaa, ei saa laittaa lapsen
paalle niin pienta paitaa etta se pakahtuu, moon vaffa ! juoma, juoma nayta
naamas, paras jukurtti on mun mielesta mustikka-valo jukurtti ...... so that's
it from me, trigon the incredible, i now let some other escape-members roll....
see ya in our next production. trigon/escape logging out (beam me up,
scotty).............   ......megahi's to every1 still in front of the
screen...... you've reached freezer of the crew that holds the world record in
pizza eating (without pepperoni ofcourse)....... greez to everybody'n'everyflesh
from the 'sunny' pike bay, espoo, finland on wednesday the 7th of march and the
time being.....ahem.......20:13 (kinda early this time !!)...... 8:13 pm if some
weird american pal machine owner would happen to see this piece of.... garbage
?? ....naah..... pizza !! a la' pizza hut and without any pepperoni
(ofcourse)........ i'm on a kinda serious mood again, actually this is already
the 3rd version of this gigatext....... the 1st was nothing but egomaniac
rubbish with dix spreaded all over....... didya know that finland is having
serious problems with it's economy ?? the bank strike going on for the fourth
week ended at last and i got money..... well some coins at least.... the prices
are rising along with the 6 % inflation; somehow everything just manages to cost
3-4 times what it would cost in central europe and sometimes ten times what
things would cost in the usa. just for comparison, a bottle of coke is in
helsinki about 5 or even 6 fim -> about $1.50....and as we haven't got can
recycling, we've got a can tax which makes the price of a coke can, 7 fim ->
$1.75, possible.... and -->> we haven't even got cherry coke !!!!! reliefing,
we've got orville redenbacher's gourmet popcorn but still no cherry coke !!!!
neither free coke !!! or chicken mcnuggets !!! or kentucky fried chicken !!!!!!
actually we've got nothing in finland that the americans have. ..... still on
the subject, i bought some muzak (on c-cassette) for 68 fim ($22) and a o'neill
skiing jacket costs about $400...... i'm getting sodepressed i have to start
talkin' about somethin' else..... communistsshould all be hanged from their dix
and have their heads eaten....... greez 2 all germans :: don't get too excited
about your wiedervereinigung..... we've seen it often enough what happens when
germans get excited (no offense)........ but now !!!!! the decade has changed
and it's time to say thanx to some important people of the 80's (personally
speaking).... megathanx to steven spielberg -->> the movies you've been
producing or directing have been some of the most important milestones in the
history of movies....  and 2 robert zemeckis for directing back to the future
parts i and ii.... .the #1 is the only move i've watched at least 20 times and
never gotten bored.... in the area of music i'd like to thank jean-michel jarre
and jan hammer for making such incredible muzak.... the intro muzak of r-type by
chris huelsbeck is still the far best piece ever written on the amiga (except
maybe for axel f and jackdance ??)...... the best books ever are of course::
stephen king - christine, douglas adams - the hitch-hiker's guide to the
galaxy.... thanx 2 nicolae ceaucescu for being dead and buried 6 ft under....
and all other groups can be forgotten when someone mentions deathstar and the
half-mega- and megademos, the masterpieces. honourable mention to teuvo
kinnunen, the author of med music editor -->> the propably only finn to get a
prog on the the one coverdisk (#7).... i liked especially 'porilaisten
marssi'.... aaannddd greez to the argounauts; i'm gonna buy argasm -- starglider
ii was the game.... fux 4 kylie and jason !!!! ... thanx to beat box and power
mix for some scratchin' :-)..... aaaaannnnddddd if someone is foolish enough to
be still reading this then get paul verhoeven's robocop and get your eyes popped
out !!!! last thanx 2 cristoffer columbus for having given me a chance to visit
miami beach, fla. .... hope to get my brains sorted out and 2 c u in the next
project out of the escape sf pipeline..... have a nice day and don't get too
tunafish. --- freezer of the pizza boys signing off -> .......... hello,
suckers! now it's sawblade on the keyboard. i'm a coder and a swapper in escape
fin. until now i haven't done anything for escape, but i will in the
future.......onaaaaah...orgasm..ok!, if ya wanna contact me, then write to our
p.r and write  sawblade on the upper left corner of the letter....i swap
everything that is possible to swap...just send something, and you will get an 
answer..., most of all i like games, source codes, pussies, videos and demos
and......but if you want to get an answer, then it's best that you send  me a
disk, too. ush, arrrrrrgh....don't masturbate, you can save that to gambrini's
masturbating night....but into business....greetings to manne (still selling
stones?), mika 'anthrax' sjoeberg, and to all my other friends....bring me a shit and die....hey! can't anyone send me burton's newest snowboard
video?? ok! good luck to everybody who reads this....bring me some
beer.....bye!!!!!!!   hello, i'm an ufo....just visiting here....hey...turn off
your computer or you will transform to a lamer.......ufo logging out            
   copyright,    (c) 1990 escape

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