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yeah!!!   paradox presents        % raider %      ppp     from lankhor software
... cracked by black hawk ... hey fucking lame angels (especially fucking ugly
patrick), hey you asshole, we do war with you on releases, in fact, we destroyed
you in august/sept and we destroy you now and unlike you, we dont need a
cooperation to keep our name!  paradox 1990 - no bullshit, no compromise. no
cooperation! fuck you ugly looking patrick, i see that you could not afford to
pay the price anymore for your non workig cracks so you have to make a
co-operation to keep your lame group alive.  kinda funny how except 2 easy
games, genesis does all the work for yu huh?? couldn t beat us alone or what??
hahahaha yeah we saw your lame attempt at a group before your co-operation, you
had 20 releases and about 5 worked! the rest was previews or bad cracks (and
more bad cracks then previews!!!!!) .... make sure to call one of our cool
boards     sleepy hollow:    p    703-276-0724     pp+/>[>/+       involuntary
death:  p   708-599-1537     pp+/>[>/+       hallowed ground:   p   plus 45 4343
9398  pp      +/>[>/+      middle earth:    p    801-882-4215     pp      
+/>[>/+      paradx canada:      418-843-5174     pp     +/>[>/+     the jungle:
     p    708-983-5764     pp      +/>[>/+   our golden handshakes are flying
out to the rest of the elite            fairlight       pp        switch        
  pp                  use your nose to press either left or right mouse button
to exit.                      the end

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