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it seems to be a nightmare becomes reality... the last days of the paradise are
gone for you and me... we are living in the crossfire and we will be killed at
first...   yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh nightfall -lightning in the dark- is ready to blow
up your brain with another bbs dentro-mentro-bontro or better intro coded by tst
and xad with the main picture drawn by the implacable -street shaman- of italian
bad boys... great tune by our friend filippetto of vega and of course bullshits
written by the ripper... this couple of bytes were assembled to remind you to
call our boards: hidden power -w-hq 0039(0)40-350660 (alpha flight zone!!) .
world in a world -e-hq 0049(0)5273-21881 . gambler bbs -i-hq 0039(0)40-630998 or
you can write to: nightfall 102 i-34100 trieste  italy...   this time
our regards are going to: alpha flight - crusaders - cytax - divina - energy -
exult - fate - fusion - ghostly spreaders - grace - italian bad boys - lsd -
crystal - noxious - ram jam - razor 1911 - scoopex - technix - trsi - vega -
zenith and the rest we forgot (it's not complete... sorry!!)... and do not
forget...  manga rulez!!   street shaman docet!... wrapping! 

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