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channel 42 and silents in cooperation present: diggy piggys (oink!)    the
slideshow waz created by:   slim of c42   (program coding)    grafictive of c42
(scroll coding)    sionic of c42 (digi effects)   mikael balle  (digi effects)  
jesper kyd (score)                    .contact jesper kyd for nize music      
42869518        ยน   if you want nize grafix contact silents, poste restante,
5800 nyborg ...                     .yeah, dusty flemming is back on the road
again with a picture showing the inside of slims head...         very nice, eh? 
               well, deroy is out of here     bye, bye...                    
.yo!  mr. henry is back on screen -  by the way i am not a member of these two
groups - i am just good friend of them (i hope ?) = i am not member of any
group.    a l l  power to system-programmers... only lamers would program
henrik-intuition - so  here is stuffed with lamers (hehe) !!!   message to
promax of kefrens:  make that seka work with more labels, sections, includes
etc. the assembler part is sometimes  !not! usefull - so to prevent us
programmers from using another assembler - you make it betta....  bye from mhr  
                    .hey small boys here's mr. perfect of the allmighty
silents...  special regards to dr. beat of red sector inc (hey sven i think i
will come to the small meeting in kiel.. i look forward to see you!!!)          
         .hallo gizwiz of kefrens (it's great that you have joined a cool group
instead of being a member of bounty)                    .look for all the rest
of my personal greets in my part for the silents minimegademo released here at
the kefrens party in denmark....  signed mr. perfect 17 feb. '90                
   .slim of channel 42 writing (kefrens copyparty 17th of february 1990) ... i
just finished coding quibbler, and now the slideshow is allmost finished, we
just havto write scrolltext to 35 piggys (arrrgg!!) ... soon i will start
programming the 3 1/2 inch ivan game & demo (nielstendo) ...                    
.channel 42 and silents greets the following persons and groups (in alphabetic
order):agent 327 (fed morgenurin!), arcane, clever (eller hva du nu hedder for
tiden!), deroy (good thing about dcs), dexion ...                    .eggman
(need some salt, comrade), jch (make that musicplayer on the amiga now!!), jkl
(slet alt!!), junix (iffmaster is it!!), kefrens (nice party!!) ...             
      .mr. henry (proev at sie noelb), mr. perfect (please change that name!),
murphy (eddie?), promax (nize seka! but make some sections and other stuff!),
rebels ...                    .rooze (no more of that camelstuff, eh looze?),
scorpio (naa hva saa? hva saa hvad, mand!!), who (like quibbler, eh?...),
zoolook (keep up the good work ... what work ???...) ...                    
.hajsa, this is the crux of the silents doing the job on your ibling. this is
totally nuts, and i am ogsaa meget kolle bendt.! ib!                    .hello!
this is grafictive (channel 42)...     det fa'me et helvede!   i just wanna
mention that the only 'handmade' graphics in this release (the charset) was done
by me...                         .but...    jaj fa'me trat, jaj er majed tet paa
at skvilfe dyret ned i svinet.    jaj er saa trat at jaj ikke fatter va jaj sel
sidder og palber med...(?)  fa'me!                      .here is jesper kyd of
silents.   how do you like this picture,  i think it looks like slim in one of
his bad trips...                     .this nurse really knows how to drive the
animal..       yo amiga frog of trilogy i knew you were wierd,   but not that
wierd                    .hun skal ha den.   hun skal ha den nu..   nu..     
hun faar den snart, dont worry                    . jesper kyd says...   this is
the best picture in this slideshow.   this picture is so cool, that i am going
to throw up   aarrrrgghhh!!!                       .and here is the piggy called
alien light...    made by tim white    nice huh.....                    .this is
a mega lady !!!!!                    .alfe jonnas      great back-light         
              .lille john har en mega kugle...!!!!! .                    .ja eh,
her er saa guzzler fra silents...jeg blev lige sat til at skrive noget krabbe,
saa det har jeg gjort...   ellers kan jeg lige reklamere lidt for min egen demo,
dromacore. se den!!!                    .denne hun, ser bare hammer godt ud,
tror jeg... jeg har ikke set hende endnu, men under alle omstaendigheder saa
faar du det ikke bedre end det er nu... ps, jeg fandt lige ud af at jeg havde
set hende, og hun er faktisk overdejlig!!!                    .dette er virkelig
en sild med ben i naesen, og saa har hun en ederdejlig pisk... ridepisk. det er
virkelig ikke for born, kun for masochister...                     .dette er et
hul, kloakhul, med dyr i.... kom ikke her......                    .inspirated
by the amiga frog of trilogy, quarrk my name is jack!!!          .hejsa. jeg
skulle lige sige, at du faar bank hvis du piller ved hans pixels... du bliver
ogsaa smadret hvis du piller ved hans bit!!!                    .nu skal du ikke
gaa hen og bliver angrebet af liderlighed, for du kan ikke rore hende. ha, ha,
ha...   der blev du godt nok snydt, dit perverse svin.                    .dette
er langt oppe i... det snakker vi ikke mere om, for saa far vi ikke skrevet text
til alle de andre billeder. og det ville vel ikke vaere saa underfundigt        
            .deeeette er et billede. du tror maaske ikke din egen personlige
scrolltext, men det er faktisk rigtigt. haaber du kan lide det, dit lede svin!!!
                   .her har vi saa en slange. vi har vel alle bemaerket at
laeseretningen i dette billede er omvendt. i forhold til alle andre billeder,
gaar den her fra nederste hojre hjorne til overste venstre hjorne. meget
usedvanligt, ikke sandt???                    .velkommen til, space ace, det
ultimativt anderledes billede, der ikke er for... nej ikke for voksne!!! dette
maa born godt se!!!                    .and remember its better to be a lama
than a lamer, aint that right ?...

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