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Who cares if someone goes , who cares if someone left the scene ... nobody is
interested in. Its just another one who knows better ... Navigator leaves
finally the scene and all those fucking Assholes who dont know him real better
shut up . The leaving of Navigator brought me to some thoughts which i have to
collect and write down ... One thing why Navi stops is that he comes to the
final point there are better things in life than just to support other guys BBS
to maybe get fame and some creditz that you can leech some games which you can
play uhhh yeah i think none agrees with me but its true and i dunno why i do the
same  . It is a circle in your dreams not in the opinion of some others The fame
you get is just for you .. no other one will know that and what you do... say
what you want it is true in fact ! its fucking bored and most of the people who
do that are ugly , fat silly or are small with coke glasses are disabled with a
rolling chair and gotta produce slime if they speak BAH and have a big mouth
just behind the screen if they think they are one ! Pah lamers in life nothing
more ... i dont have these problems i could stop if i want to and as you may
have noticed i gotta break three years and it makes no sense.. okay this has to
be enuff its not my thing its just my opinion and i got that to tell because
Navigator decides to go his way and maybe you dont care but we wrote this little
Info to keep him in mind for all.. Stefan got a lot of hate and not so much
friends in the scene thatz  maybe why he reached a lot for this short time...
but finally he reached something and if he stopped now none will remind him that
real because someone other will step in his feet thatz it.. shit okay so i could
say that Prodigy lost a cool member ...... Okay some little Creditz for this
little Info goes as fast to Rob Hubbard for the great Music .... Navigator for
the Moral Support All codings and lame arrangements and gfx were done by us
Fazwonga! i forgot some things to say which Navigator asked me for but i forgot
a lot because of my Problems with Alcohol etc. we wrote this little thing for
Navi as friends what for , that means me and Terminator but i guess the other
guys here in our fucking town Berlin / Germany would be fucking glad to set
their names down under! Thatz Executor Phreaker from DCS , DCSL of  Tarkus Team
, Iron Eagle , Arcade/TT , Magic Ace/TT ... etc... the whole Berlin Suckers like
me HAHAH yeah the only incredible drink and drive Team . So okay this should be
all for now ... For all who thought i am just a stupid trader .... FUCK YOU! 
keep in mind this guy . Bye bye !          P   R   O   D   I   G   Y      

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