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aloha dudes ! ! ! this is charlie presenting acme l(that's 50 in roman numbers).
i am a little short of memory so there aren't any acme intro in this compilation
with the greetz on, coz they are here:    normal greetz;  double trouble/success
 jolic/it  vision one/afl  chris/animators  blacktiger/darkside  the
minotaur/pussy  einstein/warfalcons  tap and magnaum/amaze  stingray/exodus h.q.
 jon and noblester/armada  cool head/prologic  spike/napalm  microchip/acu 
terminator x/olmecs  agressor/the force  lord helmet/rigor mortis. . . and now
the spacial greetz;  flash productions  digitech  paranoimia  quartex  viaion
factory  trilogy  kefrens  uga  sos  acu  fraxion  animate  top swap  dual crew 
master crew  dawn  n2 express  afl  brow beat  crusaders and last but not least
to; judge/tornado  mithril  poison/tnt  and  gravedigger/c.o.p. . . . . .that's
it for this time. hope i've spelled everything right. bye !

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