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Mayhem proudly present a new demo called .... Crazy Fireworks ....              
It was coded by Del & was released at the Slipstream copyparty on the 28th of
july 1990.                     The mayhem logo was painted by Abyss & the music
was ripped from the game Flimbo's Quest.           Use the + and - keys to go
through the 12 pieces of music (Composed by the mainiacs of noise).             
       The font was ripped from the Mahoney & Kaktus Noisetracker II demo!    
Now i think it's time for some technical talk...       The mayhem logo above is
in 4 bitplanes & is being stretched with the good old copper, there are 128
points in each firework & each firework is completley random (i have just
developed a new random number generator that is quick & very random!). All my
variables for this demo are being short word addressed (for ultra high speed) &
my code is 100% relocatable!                      Well I always like to give a
bit of technical information about my demos so that coders reading the text can
have a little think about how everything is being done!                  
Message to turboslug (THR) I think that making the source code of other peoples
demos is a very lame thing to do & i hope you don't resource this!    If anyone
wants the source-code for any of my demos all they have to do is ask & they will
recieve!                  Don't you just love the Flimbo's Quest music? Tune 10
is my personal favourite.   Well I'm glad the mainiacs of noise have started to
write music on the Amiga!    I really loved all their old tunes on the C64
(Cybernoid,scout etc).             Well anyway.....     I'm fucking bored now so
i will leave you all with my usual greetings list...      Del's personal greets
go out to... Blade ... Kreator ... Powercut ... Zing ... Gremlin ... Jolly Roger
... Nomad ... Dan ... Andi ... Mantra ... Sabbath ... TIW ... Alias ... Weetibix
... Jester ... Sinbad & all the other guys i know!!

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