Digital - PVCDP2 Unprotector FinalDetailsCaseRow
Why There Is A Final Version...
When I Finally  Assembled The  Source I Was In Quite A
Hurry Becourse Of Going Out Raving. Not To Mention The
E Inside Of Me. So It  Happened That I Just  Forgot To
Remove A Few ";" I Had Put In  There Some  Minutes Ago
For Test Purposes. These Few Lines Are  Missing In The
Version You  Have  Downloaded  When  Mother  Earth Was
Younger. So Trash The Old File.

Hi Raving Society!
This Is ILM Of DIGITAL On The Keys.

First Of All Some Words To Peter Van Campen...
You Think Your Protector Is Compatible With KS1.2-3.x?
Not So!
Just Try To  Boot A  Protected Disk On  KS2.x+ From An
External Drive. Bang!
Just Try To Protect HD-Disks. Bang!
And Some Other Bugs You Can Search On Your Own.

Some Words About My Deprotector...
If You Try To  Deprotect  A Copy Of A  Protected Disk,
It Will Ofcourse Not Work.
Don't Use It On HD-Disks.

Final Words...
The Idea Behind This  Protector is Simple, Too Simple.
I'd Advise You Not To Use It. Better Coin Some Ecstacy
In And Go Out Raving Like I'll Do Now.
Have A Nice Raving-Weekend.
ILM Of DIGITAL  01.10.1994  21:50 CET

Info (file_id.diz)
________    /\_ ______/\_ ___________  ____
\ ______\/\/  /  ____/  /_\ _______ /_/ _ /
 \//.  /  /  /   /__/  /   /  /_  /  /  //
  //  /  /  //  /  /  /   /  //     /  ./__
 /      /  /.     /  /   /  /   /  /   /  /
/____  /__/\_____/__/___/  /___/  /\_____/
     \/...:::PRESENTS TODAY:::/__/..    Sk!
......Diskprotector 2 Remover - Final......
....Take This Version, Trash The Other!....
..Kills The Diskprotector 2 On Your Disks..
Coded By Industrial Light & Magic / Digital

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