Da Bagger Production Posse - Fortune v1.0DetailsCaseRow
Program:      Fortune V1.0
Files:        Fortune_V1.0, Fortune.INDEX, Fortune.DAT, README.TXT
Author:       MvA of Da Bagger Production Posse
Co-authors:   A lot of people contributed the quotes. Too many to mention
Date:         4 october 1994
Requirements: KickStart 2.0, some memory (not much!), preferably a hard-disk.

Short guidance:

Just like the UNIX-version, this program will give you a 'Quote-Of-The-Day'
every time you start it. I even used the UNIX datafile for it.

The program should be called in your Startup-Sequence, User-Startup or
Shell-Startup, whichever you like best.

The two datafiles (Fortune.DAT and Fortune.INDEX) must be in your current
directory, the program directory or the S: directory. It's your life, so it's
your choice.

Do not crunch the datafiles; if you PowerPack them and use PPPatch or some-
thing similar, the whole file will be loaded and decrunched every time it is
needed. Even if you have a 68060, it still takes time to decrunch 640Kb!!!

As you might have guessed, this program is intended for hard-disk users.
Floppy-only folks are still encouraged to put 'Fortune' with their data-files
on their favourite bootdisk!

I advise you NOT to read the quotes with a text-editor or something similar.
It would definitely spoil the fun of this program! Anyway, I did some simple
crypting on the data-file, to keep your eyes away from it.

There are about 3888 quotes in the datafile, which should be enough for 1994
and 1995.

Fortune is 'Inverted ShareWare'; that is, if you DON'T like this program,
donate 25 dutch guilders, or the equivalent in any other currency, to:

Almalaan 2
3431 GX  Nieuwegein
Info (file_id.diz)
DBPP presents... Fortune V1.0
This nice little tool (with 640kb
datafile!) tells you something
useful everytime you boot your
wonderful amiga!
Programmed by MvA / DBPP.

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.