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team-x is back, for more, much more! we are very proud to present our second
intro on amiga! it/s ked of team-x(tmx) writing this scrolly!!! three of us were
members of losy mistake called /ass/, but team-x is power! try to press right
mousebutton for fast scrolly...     members are now:    
predator(founder,swapper)     highlander(founder,swapper)     el
zorro(coder,gfx)     jj(coder,gfx)     ked(swapper.gfx)     sir.monkey(muzax)   
 therez also some more members in tornio but i/m sure we will throw /em hell!!!!
now boring credits for this intro: code by: jj     muzax by: sir.monkey     logo
by: ked     font by knight hawks (where i have seen it before???)     litle
mezzy to ancestor of amiga superriors: send ya address to me(ked) u know me with
name: abigail of htg or axion... ok??? message to all our contacts: greet us!!!
sorry, greetinx aren/t perfect... there/s only highlanders best contacts and
there/z no predators lame-norweigians... but there/z all my
contacts...(perhaps...) anyway... time is 21.20 now and i must pack this intro
and make all ready for spreading... so i think i end this typing and pack this
great intro... bye,bye!

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