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australian crackers united is proud to present new stuff !!    this intro was
coded by ultrafox of the predators and released on the 17-4-89  wait for
instructions!   we send greetings -in no order- to the following champions ...
born to win, quartex, defjam, eagle soft inc., bencor brothers, red sector, the
band, eclipse, world of wonders, black monks, traitors, oracle, threat, mistix,
avenger, anc, freestyle uk, northstar and fairlight, prophets ag, predators,
invisible crime, alpha flight, a-ha, x-beat, cosmos, extreme, the equalisers,
fish and shogun, delta, excalibur, and all others we know ..... special note to
the fire starters ... i think that you must quit cause you are lamers !!!   call
our usa hq - the gates of hell -     703-437-9404     2400-9600 bps !!    only
elite dudes !! no lamers !!   later dudes ........ now this is ultrafox at the
keyboard, with a few tech details about this intro - it runs every frame with no
double buffering and all three axis of rotation - a first with this many points
???? if you are a music or graphics wizard contact the predators through acu, we
are full time game-writing now, and need any top notch graphics or music badly
!!!!  anyway i`ve had my say, and scrolly messages aren`t supposed to be this
long in an intro !  instructions for this intro : cursor keys to control
rotation -  help to reset values - amiga keys to zoom ! 9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2 
1  0

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