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hi ya folks out there. this is fart/clones demo called the spacecrafts (guess
why!). first things first, the crew behind this cool demo: coding and shadows by
megamighty bozo, cool tune called rendez-vous originally composed by jean-michel
jarre is brought to you by swantti of f.a.r.t./clones!(yep, he is nowadys our
member), all graphics exept those shadows drawn by sir arhur of nikki
corruptions/clones, and all ideas to this masterpiece by me(phobos). this is an
add to all musicants all around the globe. we have arranged a musiccompetition.
read further details from text after exiting this demo. and a note to all
collectionmakers and music rippers. unpacked version of this demo is in this
disk and it's called upsc.bozo (unpacked spacecrafts.bozo). feel free to put
this demo in your collies. just remember, that it will not run on half meg
amigas, if you pack it with normal cruncher (like powerpacker etc). it has to be
packed with cruncher, that decrunces while loading(like titanics) i am quite
depressed now, and i will tell you the reasons. at first: my internal drive has
broken, fuck you chinon. it doesn't work like it should work. you see when drive
should start loading, the motor will not start running coz it's really worn. too
bad! well at least i have many good friends, and one of them had an epson drive
for amiga 2000. he borrowed it to me, thanks pal! clones' hardware wizaed, the
geek, promised to try to repair it. i hope it can be repaired, coz i'm nearly
out of money. well not exactly out of money, i have some money in bank, but that
is reserved for my printer, which i should pay this week. that reminds me of
another shitty reason to be depressed: last wednesday i decided to buy a nec
pinwriter p2 plus(cool 24pin dotmatrix printer) and so i sold my mannesman mt 81
printer to an amigauser here in kuusankoski. i lived in a hope to get my next
printer in friday. do you already guess what happened? yep no printer for
weekend. and all for a mistake made in that shop, where i should have bought
that machine. they had a datalink between shops in kuusankoski and kouvola. a
dealer in kuusankoski used machine, and said that one printer was in kouvola's
shop. i asked them to get it from there for friday. when i arrived there at
friday, the shop assistant said calm, sorry pal, no printer, wanna order it? and
he even asks questions like that, ofcoz you order it, immediately! i was
dissapointed, coz i had few printing jobs for that weekend. well now i'm waiting
for printer, which should arrive here tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
boooooring, no printer, borrowed internal drive and stuff like that. all right
now abou that stuff like that. coz the internal is for amiga 2000, it doesn't
fit into a500, if you don't cut a little piece of metal in front of the drive's
metalcase. how could i do that, drive is borrowed! now my amiga is a convertible
model. only cover it has is that little piece of metal which should be inside
that machine. keyboard is not covered at all. i hope, that nobody will drink any
pepsi near machine! and i nearly forget the fourth thing, other of my cia-chips
is broken, damned! at least it doesn't matter right now coz i don't have a or
anything else to connect to rs-232c or centronics interface. now i will include
here a scrollerpart typed by bozo. hi bozos!!! this is    bozo   wd torturing
the keyboard. this is my first demo, but not my first product. some of you might
have seen my first intro (i hope not the real first one ???) i have also coded a
menu for our utilitydisks, so this is really my third product and they are
getting better all the time. i'm now working on a sinus-demo. there's going to
be a 3 plane?!?! (means 8 colors you ignorant bastards) full-screen using?!?!
sinus-scroller... do you believe that... well, i don't ??? its going to be a
sinus-demo anyway, but maybe  without the dazzling colors. by the way, we
haven't had any tunes for our music competition, i wonder if anyone of you have
even heard of it ???  i'll cut the bulltalk now. i know this text has been quite
boring, but i had to write it. see you soon and keep farting and
clowning...guess who's gonna save the scroller again!!! no, no ghostbusters! no,
no he-man! it is phobos here!!! that guessing was an old idea of mine. i made it
up, when i saw ghostbusters ii, but i forgot it for a while, and now i wanted to
tell it to you. what are you waiting for?? the greetings?? all right here comes
fart's greetings: rebels(australia), ipec elite, top swap, flotsam&jetsam, time
of perfects, beating bytes/afl, united systems, anarchy uk, apex, spirit, master
crew, iris, pure metal coders, wizzcat norway, cosa nostra, spectre, elite,
beast, doom, vision-x, avoid international, the gods(new zealand), beyond logic,
tommy knockers, tnt, magnificient dole man, aurora, s-express, broken bones,
absebce, powerlords, fine and to all those nameless guys, and to those, who i
have forgotten. well, now i turned on my tv, and i'm looking at hockey world
championchip game. now there is something weird going on in that game, but i
don't mind. i'll type this scroller instead. shit, what should i tell you? i
have no fucking idea. now i have an idea, i will type some dire straits lyrics.
this song is called down to the waterline, and its from dire's first album
called dire straits. here it comes, be ready for sentimentical story...........
sweet surrender on quayside, you remember we used to turn and hide, in the
shadow of the cargoes i take you one time, and we're counting all the numbers
down to the waterline. near misses on the dogleap stairways, french kisses in
the darkned doorways, a foghorn blowing out wild and cold, a policeman shines a
light upon my shoulder, up comes a coaster fast and silent in the night, over my
shoulder all you can see are the pilot lights. no money in our jackets and our
jeans are torn, your hands are cold but your lips are warm. she can see him on
the jetty where they used to go. she can feel him in the places where the
sailors go. when she's walking by the river and the railway line she can still
hear him whisper: let's go down by the waterline....... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. cool
song. maybe in a while i will type lyrics from sultans of swing, which is still
the best dire straits song ever made, even that it is from first album well,
this is the place, where awcy's scroller was supposed to appear, but you won't
see any perverted text, coz he was lazy enough to forgot to send that mega-short
scroller part(about 500 bytes). so i will include here some comments from dudes
of midnightsun (dunk!) yeah, nice place of you, hobo... i'm now rather
wordless...(oswald) your amiga looks quite interesting where's the cover???
phobos is back with his unique hot stuff disks. all my contacts knows, what they
look like, and the others can't see disks like that even in their worst
nightmares. what should i tell you about, i have no ideas......... long
break........ i will tell you some clones news. first one: clones has got a new
member from finland called radio 12!!! good luck with us perverts. second one:
clones has got some new members from australia. they are ex-mystix members! they
both are coders, and call themselves as psykic and vigilantie. they are making
somekind vectorbob routine! the thirs one: clones and werewolf are planning to
produce a co-operation demo with filled 3d vector objects! i have seen a pre
version of that demo, and it was fucking cool demo. there was no sounds, but the
3d routines were unbelievable: you can change x-y-z rotation of each object, you
can select between different light sources, and there is adjustable contrast
difference. coooooooool demo is coming, wait for it... what should i tell ya? or
should i let swantti to say what he wants to say. i will, coz i have no damned
ideas to write. well, this is swantti trying to type something...  yes. it's me!
swantti of fart/clones! as ya can see, i'm not anymore a member of odyssey.(is
that group still alive? i haven't heard anything about it for a long time.) so,
it's 1st of may and it's 00:40 o'clock so i've been just 40 minutes fart's
member! and this is my first time writing something like a scrolltext!!!!       
  how do ya like the tune ya're listening? it's quite short, but who cares? i
think it's nice anyway. well, well. maybe it's time to throw out some personal
greetings! first, mega friendly greets to my previous group-pal, moses of
modesty: good luck for your new group! is it somekind of a family-group? (a
fucking stupid joke!! hehee!!!) and to captain: thanks for sending good stuff!  
pona & ttv: how is it going with orient express? and last to klas: where are my
disks? are ya a fucking silly disk-stealer? better not!     that was all for the
greetings.(i think the last one wasn't a greeting!) well, well, well. this time
i'm really out of ideas.     and it's bedtime! so, perhaps
hopotikopotipopoti-phobos wants to fuck his gayboard (keyboard, if ya didn't
understand! hehee!!!) but now i say bye for this time! hi still reading this
crappy scroller? you must be handicapped, or weird coz you haven't pressed the
left mousebutton. or are you waiting for jokes? should i tell you some jokes?
audience yells yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh! but i can't remember any good jokes. let me
think....... all right, one joke! this joke is told to me by joe of master crew.
it goes like this. one day, when little kalle was in shower with his dad, he
pointed between daddy's legs, and asked: dad, what is that hairy thing between
your legs? daddy answered: my son, it is daddy's own cat(hmmmm?!?!?). next day
daddy woke up looking really weird. daddy asked little kalle, for what he went
to bathroom at 12 o'clock at night. kalle said: i went for pee. after that i saw
your cat standing, and i came to smooth it. then that fucking cat spitted on me,
and i broke his neck(aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!) now an important
message to all you freaks out there: send your hottest utilities to us! we need
utilities to keep up making utilitydisks. and think this, all guys who sent
utilities that was used in some utilitydisk, will be greeted. and your disks
will be returned with hot stuff! if you want, we will start swapping with you.
all utilityswappers, contact us, we need your help to make good utilitydisks.
did i promise lyrics to the sultans of swing?? pointer goes up about 70 lines,
and returns. yes i did, so here they come....... you get shiver in the dark,
it's raining in the park, but meantime. south of the river you stop and you hold
everything. a band is blowing dixie double fourtime. you feel allright when you
hear that music ring. you step inside, but you don't see too many faces. coming
in out of the rain to hear the jazz go down. too much competition, too many
other places. but not too many horns to make that sound. way on downsouth, way
on downsouth london town. you check out guitar george he knows all the chords.
mind he's strictly rhythm he doesn't want to make i cry or sing. and an old
guitar is all he can afford. when he gets up under the lights to play his thing.
and harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene. he's got a daytime job,
he's doing alright. he can play the honky tonk just like anything, saving it up
for friday night. with the sultans, with the sultans of swing. and a crowd of
young boys they're fooling around in the corner. drunk and dressed in their best
brown baggies and their platform soles. they don't give a damn about any trumpet
playing band. it ain't what they call rock'n'roll. and the sultans played
creole. and then the man he steps up to the microphone. and says at last just as
the timebell rings. thank you, goodnight, now it's time to go home. and he makes
it fast with one more thing. we are the sultans of swing.............well, that
was sultans of swing. now, when you have read lyrics for such long time, you
must go to the local musicstore and buy some dire straits. now i will give up
typing scroller for a while, and will give time for zammy to type some bullshit.
hahahah, thought you can get rid of me so easy? no fucking way! you must have
already guessed that this is phobos again by the keyboard. i don't want to tell
ya any bore bullshit, so here comes the end part:thanks a lot. vielen dank,
merci beaucoup. tack so mycket. muchas gracias. molto grazie. kiitti vitusti, ja
sama venajaksi, mina........... saatana, scrolli alkaa alusta kohta, paina jo
perkele sitÄ namikkaa,  ei se hiiri pure..

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