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hello everybody! this is first demo by helix the ultimate brains! this demo is
called possunpotka-demo! greets to that fuckin' bullhead called juxxis, he stole
my code disk with my almost ready demo-sources!! now i have to sit and wait for
a week for juxxis to come back with my disk... may his bones rotten!!! ( his
brains already have ).  i could've finished the demo this week!!! it's just no
fair!!! anyway i'm able to write scrolltext and that's a jolly good thing!!! so
it's time for...         the great revelations by brains     one day awcy was
visiting his old home, the rubbish dump. when he got there the residents of
rubbish dump were just having an emergency meeting. they had a terrible problem.
a big oil company (no names told, though finland has only one big oil
company...) was about to dump poisons into rubbish dump. that would ofcourse
mean that nobody could live in the rubbish dump anymore. thousands of rots, pigs
and unidentified species would be homeless. so, they wanted awcy to save them.
awcys brave attempts to sneak out of the job were useless. so awcy stood alone
against big oil company. then he got a bright idea (first one for years). he
called all of the clones hq to help him. but not any of them knew what to do.
finally bb got an idea (not wery bright, but anyway...). they should ask
greenpeace for help. but greenpeace was busy in saving whales and had no time to
help poor garbage. clones were hopeless, and so were residents of the rubbish
dump. so they had to call me (brains) for advice. naturally i had the answer
ready for them. they should go to the oil company and try to make them to change
their plans. so clones went to the oil company's waste department. they tried to
talk to the chief of the department, but they were mistaken to waste and they
were thrown into garbage-handling. after many washes they were thrown into the
garbage. waste-truck-drivers got so scared of walking garbage, that they didn't
dare to come back to the rubbish dump ever again. so the rubbish dump was saved.
everybody in the rubbish dump was very grateful for clones, and they made a
great party for them. but in the morning they noticed that a terrible thing had
happened. awcy was missing!!!! (no great loss for world) clones had no idea what
to do, so they continued the party. but what had happened to awcy?!? let's see
what happened in waste separating machine... all other clones were thrown into
normal waste department, but poor awcy was thrown into problem waste department
because of his smell... they were going to place him inside baserock with
nuclear waste, but unfortunately awcy managed to escape. he climped out of
wastetruck and tried to go back to home by bus. unfortunately there was chief of
the waste department of the big oilcompany in the bus. he recognized awcy who
had been trying to go through his office's door. chief tried to catch awcy and
return him to waste-handling. but because of awcys smell, he couldn't get
anywhere near him. so he called up nuclear waste specialist, who had gasmasks.
but while he was calling, awcy escaped and went home. when nuclear waste
specialist came, there was no sign of awcy. specialist listened chief for a
while, and called up ambulance to take chief into a mental hospital. very
understandable considering chiefs story about walking and talking piece of
problem waste, that attacked his office...  so rubbish dump was saved, evil
punished and clones together and home.   here' s a message for all those who've
been wondering who really are members of clones.... don't worry... we don't know
either. well, we know... but shouldn't someone tell sage-the-yuargh that he's
kicked off the group... ofcourse not... why care..? well, he'll propably hear
about that before this demo is released... if not, it was time for it... 
yeipeee!!!! this demo is ready!! though music needs changing, all hard jobs are
done. i mean changing music must be easy... changing picture only took two days
work... here come credits for this demo... coding brains, jukkis and several
general people who have shared their code with us... well, only stars and
muzaxplayer were stolen... scroller's original maker wouldn't recognize it
anymore thanx anyway werewolf... juxxis has treated your code well... the
official bullhead juxxus made equroutine, too i fixed sprites in and designed
another of them. sir arttu designed the bigger sprite, dunk helped with colors
(he's our color specialist). cosinusscroll was my creation, like the
screen-design (if you don't know or care about what it is, think about demo, in
which scroll and other action is all in 15 pixels wide area and rest is
blank...). that's all about code... piccie was made by the founder, fonts by
arttu and music... we still have to change music.... well, the music is changed
now... and it's made by loafer of clones... our jolly good new musician... than
to master crew for being jerks... now stratocaster of mastercrew is dead and
loafer of clones is born... welcome to the group man... back to the text...
scrolltext is this far witten by me. if there'll be other writers, they'll
propably tell about that...  hey hey hey... may i advertize a bit...  don't stop
reading too soon, there'll be a great story about the midnightsun boys in the
last section.  don't miss it!      the bullhead, ass helix said, is here ...
yes, my fans, yo see ... it's juzzix the great lamer ... oh well, have yo
already seen my wonderwolf lamedemo creator ... wuff wuff .. did wolves really
say wuff wuff ?? never mind ... but my newultimatelamedemocreatorversion5-32 is
anything you can need ... iff loading, scroll, piccie, stars, noisetracker
muzax, etc ... simple script loader makes it very easy to use! and what then ...
who needs lamedemos ? no one! but this program is mainly done just for fun and
video editing purposes ... and it is getting better all the time ... maybe it
will be so good, that no one won't do usual demos anymore, 'cos all the lamers
can do same ! hope so, because i hate lousy demos with basic element like one
pic, ripped music and knight hawks style scroller ... if there is also stupid
scrolltext without any idea, it is really only crap ...  text saying 'we are
best ... lamers - all the rest ...  hot stuff ... contact us ... no lamers ...
we have over 1200 new games ... ' if all the new games are copies of menace, all
backups from your original, i almost believe you ...  but now, because of
laziness, i am fading off... bye bye ...     ... that's for the advertizing.
this time it's me, the founder, writing. regrettably, i must admit, i've not
been in biz so much lately. i was coding a text editor with a pc in meanwhile,
and at last i finished it. i mean, now it works well enough to be used in
editing. i'm sure going to make it even better, but anyhow... well, you might
not be so enthusiastic about this new great achievement of mine, so let me tell
you about something else... a little story about the boys in our subgroup, the
midnightsun... has anybody ever told their story? i guess not, so it's really
time for this... the story begins... it was a dark and stormy night... (i'm a
great novelist, and every book begins like that - except fairy tales, and this
is not gonna be a fairy tale...) it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was
blowing so hard that it could have taken away the roofs of every house in the
tiny village, if there had been any roofs left. (the village situated in an
extremely stormy area and that's why there's no village left anymore...) there
was lightning and thunder everywhere... (they were experimenting on the special
effects for the 'gone with the wind'... perfect place for that...) the village
was almost empty, every reasonable inhabitant had left the place, (it was in the
mid of the holiday season...) excluding the two little creeps worn in trash
(they hadn't the money). standing quiet in a dark street corner, trying to find
some shelter against the raging storm. the thinner one was called the dunk
(exactly 'the drunk' but the owner of the local pub couldn't pronounce the
letter r...). the other one (who luckily wasn't as thin...) was called barbara
(i'm not so sure if she's a boy... or is he a girl, endeed?). the two little
creeps were trying to find their way home, yet not succeeding (they had broken
into a liquor shop and now they were a bit fuzzy...). hopeless and frustated,
they had stopped here, helping each other to resist the merciless wind that
anciously tried to knock them down into the filthy mud. (well, i bet it wasn't
just the wind...). 'what shall we do, my friend?' asked the dunk 'this way we
never get home!' barbara shaked his...hers... head, 'i really dont't know! all
the streets seem to be alike... i don't even know where we are... i wish i could
see the street signs, but i can't see clearly... can you?' it was the dunk's to
shake his head (carefully, please... your heads are already mixed up enough...),
'no... the rain is too heavy... (the rain? oh boy, oh boy...) i can't see a
thing...' Sadly they looked at each other, they both were aware of the
horrifying truth. they were lost, all lost...     continuing after
commercials...   cencored...     cencored...     cencored...      cencored...
continuing again...    suddenly, they saw a light coming throug the clouds.
frightened, the two creeps looked the light coming closer and closer... a
terrible noise filled the air. they cowered as near the wall behind as they
could. 'what is it?!' screamed the dunk, trembling all over. 'mummy, mummy, help
me! i want to get home!' screamed barbara (she's not here, sorry...) then, the
light stopped. 'it's a flying saucer...' answered the dunk himself, 'it is a
flying saucer!' (spaghetti or lasagne?) barbara looked at him, 'what you mean? a
flying saucer? but flying saucers don't exist!' 'well, i don't know about that,
but if that's not one, what is it then?' barbara was quiet for a while, 'i don't
know, i really don't know... they looked at each other, severily. what is it?
what in hell is it?! then the door of the what-ever-it-is opened. out came a
creature, weird as it ever could be. it was all yellow, except it's head, which
was oddly man-like. the creature looked at them. suddenly, he started to speak.
the two fellows were surprised, the creature spoke english! 'where are you
heading to?' it asked. 'are you lost?' the two couldn't say a word, so scared
they were. i suppose so... can i get you home?' barbara looked at the vehicle.
'with that? what is it, anyway?' the stranger seemed to be surprised, 'this?
it's a lada, haven't you seen one before?' the two fellows shaked their heads.
'never', said the dunk. the stranger smiled kindly, come in, i know where you
live. i'll drive you home!'the dunk and barbara hesitated. would it be wise?
what if the creature took them somewhere else, to mars, for example. how could
they get back from mars?!! at last barbara said to the dunk, 'it's no worth
staying here, either. i think we better go with him, where ever he tooks us,
then.' the dunk considered a moment. then he said, 'why not... we might need a
vacation, so it's the same, in case we didn't get home for a while...' so they
accepted the strangers offer and got into the lada.      continues after
commercials...    cencored...     cencored...     cencored...     cencored...   
 (the commercials are so dull nowadays!!! i'll complain about this...   )   
continues again...    the dunk and barbara were surprised again. the lada looked
just like a car inside. 'the techonology in the place this creature comes from
must be much like ours...' whispered the dunk to barbara. (whispered? oh, my...
there must be something wrong with his ears... shouting like that...) the
stranger smiled. 'i don't come so far. i live in a town near here. this lada,
though, comes from the ussr.' the two fellows were thunderstruck. that creature
was human! 'who are you, anyway?', asked the dunk. 'me? i'm jukkis. haven't you
heard about me?' the dunk gazed at him. 'jukkis? the gigafamous megalamer? of
course we've heard about you! you're the laziest little... ' barbara snudged his
side. 'ooh...' moaned the dunk and shut his mouth. 'most amazing, he ment...'
corrected barbara. we really admire you... (oh dear, where has the honesty
gone?!) 'really?' asked jukkis enlighted. 'would you like to join our group,
then? we're the greatest group in the world, you know...' the two fellows looked
at each other. the dunk tried to kill barbara with his glance. 'sorry!", mumbled
barbara. 'what did you say, i didn't hear you...' asked jukkis. the dunk sighed.
'that would be an honor... but...' 'could we be a subgroup? you know, we are the
midnightsun...' 'oh, that's ok! you know, i have a group of my own, too, the
nikki corruptions, and we are members of clones... we have used to that!' (oh
boy, we have...) 'so, you are now members of clones...' (luckily jukkis didn't
look at the fellows. They were sooo depressed...) jukkis drove the dunk and
barbara home and they lived happily (?????) ever after...     that's for the
story, folks. now you know how the midnightsun boys got involved with clones.
what can we learn about this?  - be sober... what ever it takes... that's what
the dunk and barbara have been ever after...      the end

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