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oooh - isn't that scroller or what?  ... yeah! jukkis codes with burned amiga
2000, it looks lovely ... but at least i have got another amiga ... in fact two
amigas, amiga 500 and 2000 ...  so det är brainie här! so i'm now typing some
text to this great demo (or what ever ...) so, i'm now in jukkis place with awcy
... awcy is just making font to this fucking best demo!  and jukkis is here too
... i hope night comes fast because then the boozing starts ... great eller wat?
... inspiration brake ... gotta say that amiga is hardest computer in whole
world!  even fire doesn't affect it ... jukkis has ''tested'' it ... his amiga
almost burned, but he got some luck. it only burnt a little. i must say that if
you're hanging around with jukkis be sure that he doesn't disappear anywhere ...
and if jukkis is driving car be sure that there's no big trucks near ... we
almost hit one once ... now awcy is shaping his famous (or maybe it's infamous)
nail. almost one meter long ...     (just kidding!) is there something to do?
niinku silleen ... that ''marvellous'' piccy up there was done by aasi (assi).
font by sir arthur (final touch to it done by assi ... again) and the mjuuuzak
waz ripped from an empire intro or demo (it's not or fault, why did they release
it?) jag tycker om mjölk ... und du? i don't want to start any blasphemous
rumours, but i think that god's got sick sense of humour and when i die i expect
to find him laughing ... that's from depeche mode's song called blasphemous
rumours ... and that song is from album called some great reward ... depeche
mode is best band in whole universe. awcy is still making that font (or should i
say this font?)  zuxxis here fucking around ... coding of this megapiece (rest
in peace!) took many hours 'cos we had only one kayboard but two amiga 2000s my
own keyboard burned, but same day i called on shop and bought new amiga 2000,
new hard disk (40 mb quantum pro) and 2 mb extra memory ... also monitor was
necessary ... yep! then i started debugging my old system ... gee! only drive
was non working ... disk detection was melted ... so, now i have two amigas,
both with hard disk (other is 80 mb quantum pro) and 3 mb of memory ... black is
beautiful! you should see my burned amiga, its negro!  onko etelä
afrikkalaisessa venturassa värierottelu?  mitä jumala sanoi, kun näki
ensimmäisen mustan ? ---  vittu! paloi pohjaan! ja minähän en ole rasisti,
kysykää vaikka peter bothalta! pietari on vanha kamu! yes, you engelska, you
should know that i only speak your language because you are so stupid and can't
finnish ! okey dokey pals! det är awcy här nu... as time passes by we've now
decided to write some more crappy scrolltext for this lovely, marvellous
lamepiece. all coding dun by - jukkis - and the shining gfx up there  were
designed by me (pretty neat, i think!) hahhaa! just some wine called aurora
makes your stomach go around after eating some karelian piroggen... grammatic
errors are due to some lack of sleep and alcohol... gee, depeche mode is ruling
the world of music around here! i luv i luv i luv depeche mode like i'd never
loved before! jukkis reads some regina-magazines and tries to use his brains...
no hope of success... too bad! yep, i'm bored as always but i'm not gonna stop
the bullshit here because my stomach got just some better! ahh! it really is
awful to drink some sweet wine but who cares? i don't (and i hope my belly won't
do any tricks now...) yeeaaah! i found one of depeche mode's new single called
'enjoy the silence' ... great! thanx for phobos' hint for the shop... aaaah! why
not letting jukkis to tell ya all a very nice poem... here he comes...
skitsofrenian onni, kaksin aina kaunihimpi!  ... onni on olla rakastunut -
milloin mihinkin!  ... miksi rakkaus olisi vain tunne - olkoot se myös tavoite.
 ihmispala - peli. jumala : maailma tulee, oletko valmis?  ... yes, end nu, have
to take some beer! have a key assi! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (what? i may use more keys?
thanx jukkis!) this is almost unbeliavable! it's  about 03:43 now between  the
1st and the 2nd of march 1990!  only 5 days and i ( awcy ) will be 10 years old!
jippii! my eyes are sliding downwards and my brains are in deep, cloudy storm...
goodnight everybody... that was depeche mode's singer in a live tape! and this
is my comment: yep, goodnight everybody! i'm going to get a nap now...
zzzzzzzzzz... and now he's back, he's the ass behind the mask! (he's awcy...)
plimplomplimplom... depeche synthmusic is jamming in my brains... why am i
totally out of business? i'm almost sleeping! so i must really take a nap now...
thanx for listening to me... soooo, it's jukkis here... i think i am somekind of
a pervert but who cares? in fact the girls like faggots more! assi on
valhepää! älä lässytä! en minä noin ole sanonut! tytöt pitävät
minusta, koska olen hullu, ja viihteellinen ... en minä pervo ole, kautta
isäni rintsikoiden! osaan joskus olla myös sopivan symppis! syvällinen ja
tyttöjä syvään luotaava ... assi nukkuu, mikä häpeä --- nyt lisää
kaljaa! kirjoita ass! joopa joo! toi vitun  persläpi reväytti tän näppiksen
mun rinnoille ja mä niinku vähän pelästyin! he's the god's present for this
world! shitfucklamenosedickarsegutsmäryydyn! that's jukkis! girl of 18 fell in
love with everything, found new life in jesus christ - depeche - kreegah! but i
think that god's got a sick sense of humour  why am i always this lousy sleepy
at 04:01 am... yep! it's brainie here again ... hoh hoijaa! vittu kun
väsyttää! gotta say that i'm really fucking sleepy at the moment no sensible
text to here (that's normal!) vetäkää käteen kaikki saatanan runkkarit
siellä ruudun toisella puolella! awcy lukee reginaa!!! yeah! and jukkis is
drinking beer! toivossa on hyvä elää ... ota huikkaa awcy! ota paljon mutta
ei vittu mun juomia! some booze would be good ... gllung, glung! aaahh! that's
feels good! assi is sleepy i'm not sleepy anymore!
goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! et silleen! huikkaa! mennääs alas... nenä
kiinni awcy! täytyy sanoa on täällä hilpeä meininki! assilta terkkuja
päiville! assi haluu sua! jukkikselta terkkuja ninalle! ei mitään helvetin
kommenteja tähän, jooo! ei saa lipsuttaa kielellä! jukkis sanoo, että saa
nuolla!!! mutta assilla on karvasempi kieli (ja perse -jukkis) and now some
english! are you glad? jep, i am happy, i am removed (hups?) ...
dilidilidilidilidepeche ... ah ah! that was awcy. everything counts! brainie
still here! (i think!) jokainen kusee tavallaan -awcyn aforismi! still hanging
alive here juotsia!!!! aahhh! again i'm full of energy! hod rod rules! hod rodia
suuhun ja munaa muuhun. (vakoon -awcy) (assin suuhun -jukkis) burned amiga 2000
rules! time is 4:23. älä rakastu -lääkintöhallitus.  vittu kun ei tekstiä
näytä tulevan. on se niin vaikeeta! so guys! what do ya think about this demo?
cool or what? best one! oooh! awcy just woke up! höh! he went back to sleep! i
am jukkis, as you may see! yep! grammatic error back to scene! i am too tired
amd too drunk to write you anything sensible, but still i try to write and
ofcourse drink more ... you never seen how big my cock is! what kind is 'real'
cock ... yes, it is black! if we have any inspiration left tomorrow (if we woke
up) my amiga will be pink ... and if i got amiga 1000 cheap i gladly undress it
and than paint it pink! my cock 2000 b only needs keyboard, mouse and
dick-drive, also mask would be fine ... it is so beautiful! you should have seen
my cock! it was all cool! too black! it was 80286 machine with 40 mb drive and
vga monitor ... two drives, ofcourse ... now it is just a memory on my mind
(deep in my ass... who cares) i only lost some thousand format dh0: (shit shell
wasn't open) finnish marks! have to write more letter, rate of errors is
increasing all the time ... brainie will write you good nigth sentences ...röh,
röh! it's brainie here again (and again) it's soon time to stop writing so here
comes some personal hellos from me to ... nefarious of esa, deathhawk of cult,
kinky roy of killer dwarfs, beatmaster, electronic force of mad, eku of cave,
stingray of exodus, crux of wizzcat, xenox of desater area,scattergold of
brainstorm and to all others i forgot! good night world, where ever you are ...
ai että sillshit shiteen kun jukkiksenperse on säätänyt preferencesit oikeen
perseelleen ... ok, i'll give this shitlankku to pohbos the wineman ...damn
wrong line now azzy 'n' aivio are speaking some bull with some assholewe have
quite much ass (phobos like to suck ass!) no way fucking asshole (dole rules ok
sais assie)   now assy is guessin ... fuck you assholes! you have changed my
text!  yes, jukkis here. assi is somewhere out drinking hole! holy goose, you
should not change others texts! nobody should use anybodys identify! (tragical

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