Atomic Intelligence - Acid-FishDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text
#$ #$ #$ #$ #$ #$      we interrupt this program to bring you a special
news-bullit !  ....   yep !   were searching for muzak-freaks and.swappers to
join our great group !!! (atomic intelligence !).   hi freaks and fanatics !  
this is  & milkshake &  writing some scrolly for our new.intro. this scroll text
is supposed to be fun so i ain't goin' to tell you.that.  zenix!  \ used the
seka to slam in the code, or that  milkshake!\  (that's me) moved the.mouse in
dpaint to pixel all the graphix...   but i'm goin' to say that.the great tune
was composed by   noise!  \ ....   this intro (witch is zenix's firstie) is
called:  [ #$ (acid-fish intro) !.   i'm hungry ! wait a second ! ......  i'm
back, mums, smask, zzap, guf   waaauuuuuuu !!!  these burgers are.supreme !   *
* * * * * * * *    oh !  so you wan't our address ?    well,  i think you made
a.good choise there !      o.k. you should hammer down these words on a piece.of
paper !        kent s. \jensen\   [   ringk0bing\vej 9 2tv\   [.  8000 \aarhus
c\   [   denmark!  \     hope you got it !.  you can also phone me, just dial: 
dk +  (0) 6 183090 \. .....   now i wan't to tell you somethin' about the
creation of this intro.! (quite nice eh ?) ... me and zenix decided, that we
should spend the.weekend together at my place !    at 8 o'clock (pm) zenix
arrived ....  i showed him some of my new graphix, and we picked out a picture
witch we.ment would be c[[l on our new spread-screen ! (our plan was to make
a.small spread-screen that weekend !)      zenix started coding ... after
8.hours he was finnished !   the result was a 3k spread-screen witch looks.quite
c[[l !   that was zenix's first spread-screen ever !  ...   the me and
zenix decided to start on a new intro !   * * *.we found this char on one of my
graphix-disks (no.7!)  we thought it looked.quite funky, so we decided that we
would use it in the intro ! .... zenix started to code this
graphic-char-scroller, and after some hours of.hard work he finally made it ! 
then we added the floor-effect, some rasters. and the mountain scene !   we
found the [ acid [ style logo on one of my.graphix-disks (no.4!)  zenix wrote a
fab pic-shower, in a matter of no time !. and then he added the logo to the
source ! ... after that he optimised his.equalizer routine a little, and then he
put it on the screen !. he made a scroll-text-loader and then this intro was 
>finished<\   it took.him only about 16 hours !!!  that's fast when you have to
code nearly all.the routines from the very first line of the source !  right eh
?  ...  & & &.     if your looking for our regards, you should read the greetinx
file on.this disk instead !       >we have a cracked version of dragons lair !< 
   .     well, look out for more.c[[[[[[l stuff from us !    >atomic
intelligence - the most.sophisticated brains in business<     [  *  #$    
milkshake of a.i..signing off !  ...       the end! \

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