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in the name of the father, the son and the holy.ghost... amen.  let us pray,
brothers... may the mighty.weird science enlight our spirits for a long time,
because.the words of our lord, spoken by his 2662 prophets, are.sweet and nice
to hear. all the beings, male and female,.human and not human, from earth and
from all the other.worlds he who is, has created, speak out his name
together..from the frozen areas of the north, the thirsty of the.south, the
barren of the west and the unknown of the east,.they come, with dozens,
hundreds, thousends, to put off.their sins and to be forgiven in his name.  and
the center.of the worlds, the shelter of humanity, what should be new
earth, is situated skjoldhoj.  at the heavenly point.where  earth and sky come
together, at that point are.standing the four angels of destruction. and the
first would.bring fire over the people, the second would bring water,.the thirth
would bring stones and the last would bring all.these pains together, in an
overwhelming amount. but when.the four trumpets have grown silent again, the war
will.start all over again, for the plans of the lord are.inscrutable for humans.
these are the words of our lord....goeth in peace, because so be... the will of
god !   goldfish.of legend greets you all!!! now the shadow of weird
science.2662 takes over!  hey!! just a quick remark before i start..all the
previous text was written by goldfish of legend, and.nobody else had anything to
do about it!!!    the real starting now!!! (yes, i know you are
happy!!!) this demo.(if you can call this a demo) is our first try in the
amiga.demo world, so please forgive us!!! anyway, if you us, then
write to me at this adress    ts/     poste restante      8381
mundelstrup.denmark!!      at the moment three belgium guys (argon of.apg, jp
soft also of apg and goldfish of legend) are my room and talking
their unintelligible language.. it.sounds like a mixing of english, german,
french, chinese and.russian... it is terrible.... so i am soon going to
stop....before i forget it, greetings to all ws 2662 contacts and a.special
greetings to anti-protection group, legend and all.the members of weird science
2662!!!   note to the on the whole earth... yes, you are right!!
it is a.note to apollon of 2000 a.d  if you wanna make all groups.happy, then go
to new york and jump out of impire state.building!! and do it soon!!!  i am
going to stop in a short.while!!!!        time passes     .     .     .     .   
 ..   ohh yes, before i stop i have to say who made this!.graphics by esprit.
code by mmi and esprit. music by nuclear.soft. text by the shadow (meee) and
goldfish of legend..thanks to react of plasma force for helping us making
this.perfect!!! thanx cool guy!!! (you must have got my this
moment!!!!)    see ya all next time!!!    w wr wra.wrap wrap! wrap!! wrap!!! (c)
the shadow in the year of.grace 2662!   restarting!!!

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