Tommyknockers - Stripped ReturningDetailsCaseRow
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hello all kids  now is stripped bbbof tommyknockers returning from his hibernate
this wintera   so this is a demo from tommyknockers   i think so  the logo says
so anyhow   okey its a tommyknockers demo   well its sometime since we realesed
anything but we are soon going to realese some more demos and other things but
who knows  not i  but perhaps should i send some personal hellos in this demo  
okej here they come hello to pain of mute onezeroone hello pain how about that
phone call you said you where going to do so take your self some time and call
me nnnnnnoooooooooooowwwwwww @@@zaxxan of the same group hmmm shouldnt you to
call me its seems like there are some bad connections in mute
onezeroone@@@@@@@@zike of flt okey okey i wont write anything stupid about you
this time so be calm@@@@@@@@@@hello gizmo of morbid angels  see you sometime
later then@@@@@@zaz of dual crew   send your megademo now @@@@@@@@@@@stookie of
dual crew  how does it become that you are living in sweden    i thought with
your blubber you lived at antarktis hahahaha@@@@@@@@@@@@@@cosysop and the sysop
at dragon base its a northstar bbs    hello skaningar    i send the disk this
week someday@@@@@@@@@@@@and now some other hellos     the division of
tommyknockers in norway    how is it going  call me sometime or send me a letter
and let me know     see you around       and some to the rest of tommyknockers 
see you around later pals            phew everything is over now at last    well
i am sitting at home and i am bored to death      so i thought lets finish this
shit and now its finished and i hope you you arent enjoing your self so because
of that will the credits come now       coding strippedb   music by znark    
logo by lord zevs    font by wico   and now will this boring scrolltext end  bye
   signed stripped of tommyknockers

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