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*pure metal coders*  +      presents a new demo !!!!    this time there is a new
man behind it all !!   and that's me   #designer !!+  but let's start as usual
with the credits for this demo ...  the credits for coding and graphics goes to
me !!!!  and that's all !!!  well almost i don't know who made the music but it
was nice so credits to you for that     i have done some graphics for pmc before
 ( well i'm still doing! ) , but now i have started coding .  actually , i
started in the autumn of 1989 . and i find it very amusing .   as you perhaps
have understood , this is my first demo !!!!! and what is natural to call the
demo than   #"the very first" ??+            for swapping with pmc (only hot
stuff) write to:   'noname' of pmc,  gamle postvei 30,  4300 sandnes,  norway   
  phone:  +47 04 666933     pure metal coders send their greetinx to their
contacts (not in order):  vision,  esa,  omicron,  savage,  dual crew,  north
star,  unique,  cabe,  hellfire,  dc. feelgood,  imp-666,  fraxion,  acl, 
sirius cybernetics corp.,  bloodsuckers,  clones,  datastorm,  the magic arts, 
digitech,  rigor mortis,  silents uk,  energy,  beast,  prey,  balance,  amaze, 
acme,  the gang,  electric aim,  phobos of fart/clones,  wizzcat,  deadzone, 
phaze 101                            starting over again            ..this demo
was released at the 10th of april 1990

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