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the +++ knight hawks +++ are proud to present ...„0.   gettysburg     cracked
by outbound „ ÿ   thanx to bob for modem transfer !    intro(pre-version)ˆ..
hacked and designed by *** ming the merciless ***,Π. muzak by karsten obarski.
€.(Ä..Œ.ÿ€<*Ö..Œ.ÿ  for the hottest stuff write to (very very slow for
writing down) Œ.ÿ„.ÿ€.2Î.. knight hawks    plk 098318-a    7900 ulm 1   
west-germany     or to     knight hawks    plk 098316-a    7900 ulm 1   
west-germany     or to     knight hawks    plk 000402-b    7914 pfaffenhofen    
west-germany      special hi's go to   „0.bamiga sector one and the kent team,
champs, general, radwar (nice postcard !!!), rotten, the unknowns, arjan and wil
(htl), tristar, delta force, axxess, megaforce, sinners, red sector, executer,
nics, visitors, shut berlin, antitrax, dennis b. lylloff, alpha flight, spy and
mind, rage, movers, shannon, tom, earnie, dave, merlin, Œ..bitstoppers,
blizzard crew, bfbs, def jam, wizards, unit a, 1001, eca, phr-crew, jazzcat,
powerstation, gsc, gss, ssi, Œ.ÿccw, indy, marc aurel,ˆ.. danish gold Œ
.ˆ..„ ÿ supersonic hyper hi's 2 the best programmers : €.2Î..„(.the
light circle (mad thinker), sodan and magician 42, obiwan, hqc (funny scroller)
and mcp  !!!„ ÿŒ(.   supersonic hyper platin diamond hi's 2 ˆ..Œ.ÿgerd
and mike of bitkillersoft im odenwald, james c. rogers, spready and marvin of
spreadpoint !!!„@.          end of „ ÿline !!!

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