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HQC inc. present --- Karate Kid II cracked, floppyspeeded and trained ---  Press
F10 during game to start/stop the trainer !!! (watch the left LED!
dark=on/light=off!)      Important Note : We have now answered all Letters that
arrived at our PLK but we lost some Adresses !! So a Proclamation to all who
wrote us but haven't got a respond from us yet: Please write again. Write to:
H.Q.C, Postlagernd, 8000 Muenchen 71. 1001/S.C.A/Powerslave contact us !!! As
you see, large Boot-Intros cause no trouble at all, even with music in it, but
without any Disk Access !!! So we are able to crunch 11K of Coding into the
Small Boot-Block !? Greeting Time ..... YoHoo to: CRM-Crew, The Movers, Light
Circle, Irata, Skyline, A.C.F, S.S.S, P.C.T, Yeti Factories, A.C.S,
Bitkillersoft, The Visitors, Gurumaster, The New Age, U.S.R, Datafox, E.C.A,
S.S.I, S.C.A, Atom-Soft, A.C.S, The Streamers, The Wizards, J.M.C, Prophets AG,
Star Frontiers, Powerstation, Vision, Danish Gold, Hoppers, Supremacy, PHR, KCG,
Bitstoppers, Hotline, Explorer/TOC, New Edition, Megaforce, and all we have
forgotten. See you in later Cracks Now a last note to Bamiga Sector one: We
think that Crackers, that keep originals for themselves because of being to
silly to install a Intro on it, should fuck off!!! As you see we are (again) the
first in having 11k bootblocks, so beware of imitations!!! byyyyeeeeeeeee

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