Dual Crew Shining - Relokick v1.4aDetailsCaseRow

                D U A L  C R E W  S H I N I N G  Presents:

                          -* 20th October 1994 *-

    -* Relokick v1.4a (020/030/040) - (C) 1993-94 Galahad of Fairlight *-
          (Written by Galahad of Fairlight for DUAL CREW SHINING)

Relokick 1.3
(Ghostrider / Slipstream)
Enabled A1200 / A4000 owners to get better compatibility with
games/productivity software by utilising the original Kickstart 1.3 ROM
patched into RAM.

Relokick 1.4
(Galahad / Dual Crew Shining)
Same as above except INSTRUCTION caches could be disabled on the Kickstart
screen, and an NTSC switch.

Relokick 1.4a
(Galahad / Fairlight)
Same as above in every way, except that this version now disables ALL cache
types on ALL 680x0 processors (INSTRUCTION and DATA).  This version is
primarily for A4000 030 / 040 owners, but still working fine with A1200 020
processor types.  Because this version actually detects properly for the
CPU type, this version of Relokick can also be used on ANY Amiga with
enough free memory.  

Quick note to other lame versions
Emulating Kickstart 2 is a complete waste of space.  Not only was this
version bugged to hell, a lot of stuff did not work on A500+ and A600, so
god only knows why some of these authors think that utilising Kickstart 2
is going to increase compatibility with A1200 / A4000 owners when it barely
worked for the system it was supposed to!!!!  Some people don't use the brain 
they were born with.  Stick with what works best..... RELOKICK 1.3 / 1.4  
Nuff said!

Relokick Instructions
This is not going to be a big document, as I detailed what this program did
in the last revision of RELOKICK.  This version is simply a small update
for A4000 030 and A4000 040 owners.  Many people are able to afford the
faster Amiga's, so it seemed appropriate that I do a suitable update for
them.  All this does is disable INSTRUCTION CACHES on 020 processors, and 
INSTRUCTION AND DATA CACHES on 030 and 040 processors.

At the Kickstart screen:

Left Mouse Button  : - Disable ALL detected Cache types

Right Mouse Button : - NTSC/PAL

If you accidentally select NTSC, simply reset the computer, and the screen
mode will revert back to PAL.

Greetings to the following dudes, in Alpha order:

Andeveron, Apollo, Hogster, JBM, Mark, Mok, Nomad, NZO, Phil Douglas, 
Polaris, Red Devil, Samir, Skol, Zion..... and the rest I have no doubt

NOTE:  Some of you will notice that in the CLI, I have changed the text
from 'CBM Amiga Inc.' to 'Amiga International'.  This is because CBM Amiga
no longer exist, and hopefully the former Commodore UK will be successful
in their bid to run what is left of Commodore Business Machines.  If not,
the Amiga will surely die.......... but we are all here hoping.

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