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/4 /B /D /F  welcome  /0/2 are you ready? /4/C let's squeeze your balls /D .    
/A.. acne ../B well...  you don't know us.. /Eno axa-crew/F /Cbecker-crew /D .  
 noooooooo!!/0 /4 /Cstack 1988!/0 /4 here we go... we are here again../D      . 
  /E   zados   /0 /4 (just a legend..) /F    /Cicebreaker /0/4 (just a
playpig..) . zados is writing some "sensible mental" text..  /D     /A the
members/0/4 are now:. /B    /E   zados   /0/8 (super-fart)    /4icebreaker /0/2
(pig coding!) /F    /A  . lady becker/0/2 /B (usa importer,older beck's pig)  /4
 just country  (writer,loki,.gorbatshov-coder,ricepie)    /2 /C   old conan /0/4
(east-finland rambo,loud.shout)   /D   there were we.    now some east-finland's
news:  gorbatshov. has been kidnapped by humppa-men. we are sorry. /Egorbatshov
is our idol./F . /2 ha /1 ha /4 ha /8 ha /4 ha /Amessages to finska boyserna:/B
(forget it)  . we're just back from /E swimming./F there were plenty of mud.
/Cyach!!   /D .  now our balls are full of it./2 (erected) /4   message to all
musicmen:.  /A if you can make music and interested in joining us, then please
call. me (zados!): /1 358-51-22544 (ask for petteri) or /B    /E icebreaky:
358-31-.181527 (ask for peter) /4/F mezzie to /0/4 /A jungle command /B    /C 
you are. always right about us...  i, zados, am a half ruskie but i got the
humor of. mahorcka (russian tobacco!) /D becker is the pigpartner of ours...  /A
yak!. this routine is really sweatie as baron vodkalore! /B     /C we smoked last saturday /D    /E (it tasted sweet but marlboro is better!) 
/F  sipuli!.  baadenbaaden news: /A   x-men   /0/B    /E /4 is now on the second
one in finla.nd and we are /F    /Cthe best one/0/4 /D    /A but still axa is
our best friend and .pet (hau-hau!) or was it, /B    /E oink-oink /0/4 /F    /A
no that baron knightlore's. dinnershout! /B    /C icebreaker is just now taking
notes from the 64's sound. called, one night more!  sexy sounds!!   bad news: /D
   /E  force 1  /0/4 is. still alive, but we hope that we will meet you and your
pig group in's party!  /F    /A  fatpig!  /0/4  hello goonies!  we
understood you do not. like our jokes but anyway thanx for your special /B    /E
greetings /0/4 keep. on pumping, pals! by the highway, are you still on 64?!
call me?!    . /8 hello becker! and goodbye!      /4/F/C gas! was ist das?!  es
ist...   . /D    /A   stack   /0/B/4 presenting shit piece of our power... 
zad-power!   . hello to /A evil (uncle of ours (stack and x-men)) /B  haha.. you
pig!  .it seems you cannot stand girls anymore... (zadzadzaa..)  see ya at the
party. of /C bytepigs! /0/4 nice new name for them who got lots of sense of
homor!. god luck!      hello grendel the leading pig!  you rainbowhair!       
.now i am tired to write nothing... so the scroll will startup-sequence.... /D  
 /A  signing koff the playpigs of stack, zados and icebreaker....  /B /8 .
humppa-humppa-pumppa!!!  lars fever! /4  a goonie strikes back!!!       .
zadzadzaa... iceiceiceee'...   finland!     olen mina kipea, axa ompi lipea... 
hei sanna!    onko axalla viikset kuten sledgehammerilla?!     shit!   .  ja
sappikivi paistuu....   /e   evil!   /0/4   bye!   /0/4

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