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welcome to our latest production - released at the amiga shopper show 92...     
                s8       project techno    d                   s4 the first in a
new series of music disks from quartz...  the series will include rave,
industrial and any other type of music we feel like doing...        first up is
the credits...    s8            coding by laydock   d         gfx by xanadu    
d    and       music by hydlide   d                 s4here a list of stuff that
was sampled from for this production...      rave generator - toxic 2    pacman
- ????    djs take control - sl2    charly and everybody in the place - prodigy 
  frequency - altern8    dominator - human resource    go - moby    playing with
knives, plutonic and such a feeling - bizarre inc.    sweet harmony - liquid   
different strokes - isotonik    hardcore heaven - dj seduction    faith healer
-recoil    and many more we can't remember or didn't know the names of...   call
these cool quartz bbs numbers...              base-x        d       +44 0905
429595     d   s2 14.4 dual standard+ hst - 130 meg                      s4     
     pure synchronization d      +44 081 3080371    d            14.4 hst - 60
meg   d         the light bbs     d             +44 081 5719324    d        14.4
hst - 120 meg  d         gigaflops gurus    d         +44 0224 663553    d      
14.4 hst - 105 meg  d       madcap bbs       d        +44 0234 365828    d      
   14.4 hst        d       ultra bbs       d        +49 0715 255546    d     
14.4 hst       d         here is some info about the quartz summer conference
92....       this summer quartz will be holding the first major 2 day amiga
event in england. unlike most other party organisers, we are not in it to make
money.  all profits will go towards prize money, and making this the best party
yet.  everything written below, will happen, these are not just empty promises. 
     when:    saturday 8th - sunday 9th august.  duration: 10:00am saturday -
midnight sunday  (38 hours)       where:    sunny somerset in england, 140 miles
west of london, 180 miles south of sheffield, 60 miles south of cardiff.    
competitions:     as well as the usual demo, graphics and music competitions
there will also be a 9 pin skittles tournament (for both individuals and
groups), a tug-o-war competition, a football tournament and a darts tournament.
and of course some really crazy competitions such as:- a real-time rsi demomaker
competition and a disk throwing competition, as well as many other surprise
competitions.  there will also be a prize draw on the tickets.       on site
facilities:    3500 sq feet of sound-proofed conference area.  a 30amp power
supply.  a conference room where you can eat, relax etc.  a fully licensed bar
open all day.  snacks and cooked food available to order.  a safe room and
lockers for storing valuables.  a full p.a. system.  showers and changing rooms.
 pool and snooker room.  9-pin skittle alley.  large car park.  large camping
area.  cheap drinks..  somerset scrumpy cider 70p a pint,  labatts 120p a pint,
quartz lager 60p a pint, etc.  also depending on ticket sales there is the
possibility of a 20ft by 12ft rgb and video projector.         local facilities:
   jet & water ski centre, indoor aqua park, takeaways (dial-a-pizzas, kebab
houses etc.), paintballing (hamburger hill), only 6 miles to a 7 mile stretch of
beach, cinema, night clubs, tennis courts, post office, convenience stores, etc.
        getting there:   by road..  two minutes off junction 23 of the m5, it
will be signposted from there.   by rail..  local train station bridgwater. 
taxi rank at station (taxi from station to party site - 5 pounds.)  by coach.. 
on national express routes (write for timetables)  maps, bus, coach and train
timetables available on request.  tickets are 4 pounds, (no charge for persons
outside the u.k.) and are on sale now from this address....        q.s.c. 92    
  d    90 puriton park    d     puriton        d       bridgwater      d    
somerset       d    ta7 8bj.       d         if paying by cheque, please make it
payable to  if you have any further enquiries, phone 0278-684947 and
ask for jason.    hi, parodius here!!! i tell hilarious, mad, intellectual
jokes!!!...    if you don't get them or find them funny then you must be related
to john major... anyway...    i was in hawaii the other day checking out the
bits of stuff...   i rented a room in a sleezy hotel. the hotel was cheap and so
were the servants that carried my luggage. i found my appartment had no hot
water or no electricity. i rang for service and in moments a beautiful native
woman with an amazing figure was before me. i said - 'i want the electricity on,
the water on, and after that you can turn me on'...          if there's one
thing i hate its free-loaders! there's one near us who we call  'fordy' and me
and hydlide hate the git. free-loaders get to be friends with you and then they
start to borrow cash. do they give it back? does john major swear violently on
tv?...       rumour has it that jason donovan is gay. what total crap! he's a
woman and a lesbien and philip schofield is his girlfriend...     i hate buses.
they really suck. when you go on one you end up sitting next to an old fogie who
farts or scratches their privates. or you sit next to some snotty nosed kid that
keeps on asking you stupid questions and when you answer he keeps on saying
'why? why?'. that makes you want to grab the pratt and chuck him out of the
window. if you don't catch the bus and one goes past you everyone on it looks at
you as if your'e on another planet. this is when its a good time for those 'v'
signs!!!...    annoying neighbours are everywhere - even on t.v. - ha! ha! ha!.
the really annoying ones are those that mow their lawns early on sunday mornings
just because they slept on the sofa that night.  the best thing to do to people
like that is to throw lots of small stones over their lawn so that the mower
gets wrecked the next time they use it...  parodius greetz go to mirage (daz) -
i hope you like this production, send soon and remember be lucky m8...  shadow -
please can you send me your address again as i lost it on your first send...
before i go - an update.  look out for  'parodius - son of jester'.  this will
make your ass laugh on a sunday.  and don't miss my stand up comic show at the
quartz party (also with performing with me will be laydock and hydlide).this is
scientifically, motivated by 20 sprite banks, parodius signing off...	     hello
lads....    its hydlides amazing scroll text to enlighten the amazing techno
trak. greetz and the contact address for me will be a little later.  well i must
say it took a long time to release this.  i first started the trak before
christmas when i got a lamish compilation of rave tunes called hardcore ecstasy.
 one side had average rave i.e. commercial trash.  the other side was
diabolical.  i don't even think it came close to being house.  it was stuff like
rozalla and other stuff like that but worse.  i went on a skiing trip with about
half of the tunes finished.  skiing was great fun.  if you ever get the chance
then grab it by the gonads.  i went for the new year and managed to get a
hangover on the first day of 1992.  the sight of the steeeeeep slopes didn't
help a great deal.  that's enuff about skiing now back to the trak.  from then
on i got samples from loads of different places.  don't ask me to remember
where.  a lot of it was from radio and kewl hardcore tapes sent by my cool m8's.
 we were going to release this prod at the anarchy party but due to making it a
lot better we had to leave it until after the party and the closest thing was
this computer show.  look out for our party techtro.  made by us...   code -
laydock    gfx - xanadu    and music - hydlide and xanadu...    its a change for
xanadu to be doing techno or rave but he seems to have some really cool
ideas....            at the mo i am listening to the essential selection on
radio 1.  it seems to be the only time when rave is on 1 fm.  a song is playing
that was on about 5 weeks ago.  i hope they play some new stuff so i can get
some real nice samples.    hardcore..  you know the score..  now time for my
personal greetz........           toxic - eoc 1999    thanx 4 the tape m8. 
wheres the splif and tetris?...  rad man.  sk8 on m8.      steinar - alchemy  
crazy letters man.  send me some stuff dome on your 4 trak      hollywood -
lunatics    mega thanx 4 the mac warez.  the head man of the mac network was
real irate when my mate made seven copies of crystal quest on the net.  sending
soon.      devistator - eoc 1999    thanx for the stuff.  its nice to be
swapping again.      chopper - quartz    hope to c ya at the show.  mega thanx 4
the tape.  it helped this get released.  an ez e.  sending real soon.      magic
mushroom - quartz    nice to have u in the group.  nice party intro u did.  good
music eh.  sending chip toons and tape real soon m8.      simon c. - thanx 4 the
stuff.  n-joy the disk.      tezz - dynatech      thanx 4 the stuff.  the n.w.a.
tape is cool.  mega sorry i never made it on the saturday but a few problems
arose.  now u can say to your mates that u got greeted in a really cool
production.  sending real soon.      jaz - quartz      your arrangements 4 the
party are truly awesome.    we are gonna kick some bass in that place. 
somerset..   where cider apples do grow.  thats from my mum.      franklin -
quartz    when do i get my stuff.  hope to c u at the show.      sorry if i
missed anyone out....      here is my address (at last)...        hydlide       
d        29 longlands      d     salisbury       d     wiltshire       d     
sp2 7et        d          well at last my scroller is over.  c u all at the
amiga shopper show....    c ya....                   now the full greetz
list....       addonic, admirals, alcatraz, alchemy, alliance design, alpha
flight, altair, amaze, analog, anarchy, anthrox, archaos, armageddon, atlantys,
bacteria, bad news, black light inc., blishner, blitz, brainstorm, brainwave,
bronx, byte busters, chrome, cinefex, coma, complex, contrast, crystal,
cyberdyne, cytax, damage inc., danger, dazzle, defcon one, delight, design,
destiny, devils, dictators, digital, digital artists, disknet, divine, d-mob,
dream dealers, echtelion, emotion, empire, end of century 1999, entombed,
equinox, eremation, exceed, extreme, exort, falcons, fantasy, fate, flash
production, frantic, freelance, ghost, goldfire, grace, graffiti, happy hippos,
hardcore, imortal, impurity, intense, intuition, iris, jesters, live act, lsd,
lunatics, magic 12, midnight sun, midway, miracle, mistral, mystix, nemisis,
nexus, nova, noxious, optimal, orbituary, outrage, oxygen, palace, paradise,
paragon, paramount, phenomena, plague, poison, pro unit, psycron, pure metal
coders, quadrant v, rage, reality, rebels, reflectors, relay, rich, scoopex,
shining 8, slipstream, sonic, sos, soundwave, spirit, strange, stress, supplex,
symbiosis, syntex, tech, technik, technocrew, technoir, thailana, the faith, the
family, the paladins, the silents, the special brothers, the vire 33, the
warriors, titan bytes, trackers, transfer, triad, trsi, twilight, union,
unlimited, vapour, vectra, vega, vendetta, vision factory, visual, vox dei, warp
inc., white dwarf, wizzcat, xenophobe, x-factor, x-trade, zenith, zero
defects...       well that's about all we've got time for so see you in our next

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