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*****************	Cool Demo Creator V3.00	(TM)	**************
*****************	By Jukkis of Clones/NC!		**************

	One of my friend told me he needs program for video editing,
	and was interested about doing it same way as on 64 ole good
	days ... So he asked me if I want to make a demo to him,
	and sure, i done what he needed ... But because this product
	wasn't so bad at all (Just a usual scroller + Piccie demo)
	and i really don't remember any working (and cool) demo 
	creator on amiga, we place it to public domestos ...
	Feel free to use it, and if you like it, you could show
	your inner feelings by sending me some free disks !	

	Time passed, and some peoples used this one ... Believe it or
	not, but it's true !!! So, I finally did version 3 of it.
	(version 2 was kinda joke, if u remember ... did u like it?)

	New features (?):

	No crunching needed (Eats diskspace, I know, but I've heard lamers 
	don't know what a beast is Bytekiller!)

	More fonts allowed (7 * 9 ... it makes $3F, oh ... Those lamers ...
	It means 63, U know!)

	Piccie is 320 * 200 (NTSC is here to stay ... HAHAH!)

Instructions :

	The program consists 6 files, called

	SND	- This file is Noisetracker v1.1 module. If you want to 
		  use modules done with earlier version, please load 'em
		  with noisetracker and then save 'em back to your
		  disk. NOTE: Sound could be up to 155 Kb long!!!
	FNT	- Fonts ... Drawn with DP, then converted into
		  bitmap with IFFConverter. Palette is after planes!
		  Fonts are 48 * 48 pixels wide and bitmap is 336 * 432 
		  pixels height. You can draw any letters in any order, 
		  as long as their size is 48 * 48 pixels ! (Characters 
		  form a 7 * 9 chars matrix) ... you can use 16 colours.

	PRE	- Letters stand for Preferences. Contents of this file
		  describe the order of your letters on font bitmap.
		  Ends to [RETURN]. 

	TXT	- Up to 70 Kb long textfile, you could use all letters you
		  are defined on PRE-File. If you use any other letter,
		  scroll restart at this character. [RETURN] is only 
		  letter you can use without defining it!

	PIC	- Picture drawn with DP, then converted to bitmap. 
		  Pic is standard Lo-Res 320 * 200 with 32 colours. 
		  (Use NTSC-mode on DP III)

	PRG	- The program. Done by Jukkis of Clones & NC!

	All these files are located in DEMO-directory and you can't 
	place 'em anywhere else ...

	When producing piccies with DP, you could of course use less
	colours than 32 for piccy and 16 for font and less colours
	of course act to lenght of file be reducing, but remember that
	format of piccie have to be exactly as i've said.	

	If your prog crashes, and you can't find reason after checkin'
	your files, please free all possible memory and try again!
	The sound is placed to $27000 and if you have something on mem, 
	the program is loaded higher than $27000 and musicdata overwrites it!
	Maybe V4 will fix that bug! (this version almost fixed it, but
	then sourcecode crashed!). 

	If you face any problem with this funny utility,
	please don't bother to contact us :

	Clones Hq
	Poste Restante
	25250 Marynummi

	If you have any questions about code i've
	used, send SAE (with stamps) and some disks of
	very new stuff (good demos, if possible) and
	i'll gladly give you any answer you want to.

	C/O Koskinen
	45370 Valkeala

	And if you are good programmer, musician, graffiti painter or
	just a cool freak, contact Clones HQ for membership. 

	Greetings to all freaks & friends on the globe. 

Yours sincerly:

	Jukkis ^ The rest of the Clones & NC!

	Instructions written by Jukkis & The founder 11/89

	PS. Be careful when using HunkWizard, that fuckin' program
	    crashed this disk completely ... Code and partly also 
	    this Doc file were only survivors ! (This is the reason why
	    these instructions aren't quite correct and long anymore!)

	Now even Lamers could make MEGADEMOS, 'cos uncrunched files 
	took almos 1 meg diskspace! (HAW HAW HAW!!..)

	If U are cool, and make a piece with this one (everyones gotta
	no time for coding!) please send it to me as a free gift!

	This is good one for advertisement of your BBS, SERVICE, CLUB or
	SHOP ... Feel free to use it !

		-- This program is SpreadWare! --


	The main difference bethween these two versions aren't
	that they use fonts of other sizes, but it is that 32-pix
	version is using memory much better (that's what I planned!)
	than 48-pix version. Anyhow, 32-pix version acts suddenly,
	if your memory isn't free ... and it's not tested !!!
	Don't think it's 100% reliable, even if it can be.

	Fonts are on 320 * 256 bitmap, and they are 32 * 32 pix sized!
	No other differences to user!

	Wait for next version with reliable memory management and 
	script files. (Maybe also iff-loading for pics & fonts)

	If you want something to be included, contact me with
	acceptable gift (any amount of disks isn't too much!).

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.