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Dawn/ACU presents another ACU demo !!!!!! Ok , well Bobs maybe a bit boring. to
ya but we decided to do 'em coz we hadn't done 'em before ! Press left. mouse
button to change modes of the demo and you can only exit from the bob. part . So
handing over to Showbiz/Dawn for some crap .....    . Yo dudes .... well tonight
was quite an unusual night .... first, we (other. team members ...
ASTERIX,LYRAK,QUASAR,ROSHI and his cousin BILL) attended the. most lamest
copy-party ever held in the world !!! There was only one computer,. and ten guys
to share it ...... there was an entrance fee of $8 !!! that covered. food
(hotdogs and chips, and some cans of cool drink) which was a fucking waste.
...... there was a video and a couple of movies .... wow ...... The Taipans
copy. party was so lame ..... it was pitiful ..... we had to keep ourselves
amused .. so. decided to have a food fight with the chips ..... that was cool
..... later on. we also had a hotdog fight ... now that was def !!!! Well the
party started. at 6 pm and was meant to finish at 2 pm the next day ..... fat
fucking chance. with one computer and ten guys ...... so the organiser of this
lame party decided. that he had enough and end the lame party at 9 pm ..... so
us in DAWN went. on a one and a half hour walk back to ROSHI'S house ..... fuck
it was tiring. ...... Well after that long walk we made it ....... I am ending
my part now. as i cannot be fucked typing in the rest of this cool text ... So I
am now . handing the keyboard over too ....... ASTERIX  after a while here we
decided. to go and get some food so on the way we did a bit of tagging
(GRAFFITI)....... then when we came back LYRAK the dude who did the graphix in
this demo,. jumped over the neighours fence and stole about 30 lemons and we
threw them in other. peoples back yards and on their roofs...... ROSHI will
finish the nights tale ..... Yer...well after having fun with throwing lemons on
my neighbours houses' at. 1-2 in the morning we decided to code a demo , so
QUASAR was given a task and here's. the result !!! Yer... so after we commenced
the demo coding the only computer at. my house was occupied so the rest of us
guys (ROSHI,ASTERIX,SHOWBIZ,LYRAK & BILL). started to get the idea of more lemon
throwing so LYRAK jumped the fence. again (and again , and again!) , and he
stole lemons from their tree . We then. declared war on my neighbours and
commenced our Project Lemon Offensive !!!!. Fuck it was fun , we looked like a
bunch of archers , with all of us throwing. at one house at a time !! Then we
organised a final offensive which was in 2. parts . The first part was us
throwing about 35 lemons in all directions , but. then to top it off , LYRAK
stole 55 lemons and we totally blitzed the entire. area with a barrage of lemons
. All in all , we must have thrown about 150 or. more lemons in between the
hours of 1am and 3:45 am !!! But enough , we had to. finish the demo so we
fucked that idea and have now finished the code and are. working on the scrolly
and trying to decide which muzak to use !!!    . Credits :.   Coding - Quasar.  
Graphix - Lyrak.   Scrolly - Various Dawn/ACU members !!.   Muzak - Ripped from
Setrox's demo (sorry I don't know your name!!)   .           . Some Dawn/ACU
Mega-Special-Greetz go to (no order!) : All members of ACU. , Nuke/Subway. ,
Kreator/The Force. , The Hare/MagicWardrobe. , Exodus/Timecircle. , E & L. ,
Dan/KOS. , Starcrasher/Thrill.      . Now the G'days go to (no order!) :.  
Depredators. , Red Sector. , Vision. , Fraxion. , Powerhouse. , Paradox UK. ,
The Untouchables UK. , The Dawks. , Crionics. , Megapowers. , Quicksilver. ,
Cabe. , Cyborg. , The Killer Dwarfs. , Blue Computers Inc.. , Bill , Bjarne and
Zaphod/Nutcrackers      . ( Sorry Pink Panther and the other guys in ACU for not
having your greetz. in this list , we don't have your complete greetz list yet
!!!!!.        . Just a note : Taipans are Australia's lamest crew , thanx for
buying the demo. off us guys !!! We needed the money !!! To all the guys that
trade with 'em. then I feel sorry for ya !! Renegade must weigh about 120
Kilograms and his. mates don't know how to use full-stops yet (and they are 16+)
. So if ya asked. who is the best in Australia . The answer is very clear ,
Australian Crackers. United !!! Australia's most powerful crew .......        .
If ya wanna trade with us then write to : Roshi,.                         G.P.O.
Box P-1180,.                         Perth 6001,.                        
Australia..      or.                         Showbiz,.                        
P.O. Box 330,.                         Bentley 6102,.                        
Australia..      or.                         P.P.,.                         P.O.
Box 163,.                         Cannington 6155,.                        
Australia..      or for hot modem trading write to.                        
Microchip,.                         P.O. Box 2393,.                        
Richmond 3121,.                         Australia..      or for hot compilations
of the latest stuff.                         Pirasoft,.                        
P.O. Box 58,.                         Rundle Mall SA,.                        
Australia..                         .... Keep chillin' and see ya later !!!!

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