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this is phil! of b.s.s presenting my latest demo... its mathematically
orientated but dont let that put you off.. its great fun to fiddle with!  ok.
heres a run down of the keys.. press f1 to f10 for some preset patterns...  now
the parameters in the table .. the row of keys q to r increase the values for
elipse 1 and the row of keys t to o increase the values for elipse 2.. the key
directly below the key that increases a value will decrease it... the p key
switches on screen blanking and the colon key switches it off allowing the
production of some pretty wild patterns! note.. elipse 1 inc. is set...     a
quick explanation of the theory of how the patterns are produced.. nothing too
technical! to plot a point .. and theres 180 of them .. the program uses two
elipses.. the second of which has its centre directly on the circumference of
the first.. the actual plotted point is then somewhere on the circumference of
this second elipse... the point along the first elipses circumference where the
second elipse has its centre is taken from the start angle under elipse 1 and
the plotted point is taken from the start angle under elipse 2... these start
angles are incremented as the frame builds up by adding the values next to the
inc. parameter.. to create the next frame the program goes back to the initial
start angles and adds the rotate values... by varying the dimensions of both
elipses as well as the angles some pretty awesome patterns can be created .....
simple! i think? ....  ok thats enough of the maths.... this music is called
shades and was created by suntronic... i altered it a bit to get it to wrap....
all coding and grafix were created and are copyright by phil! of b.s.s ... and
if i cop any stupid little turkey selling it as public domain theres going to be
some serious ass kicking .. swap it.. send it.. give it away.. but if money is
involved forget it!! just think of all the hundreds of public domain libraries
making money out of peoples hobbies .. people who get nothing for it
themselves.. its disgusting. and people have got the cheek to criticise
crackers.. look at the magazines! all readily accepting and reviewing demos..
did the author ask for a review? no !! cus the author doesnt care what lame
dicks think.. its just a free demo .. free until those money grabbers got their
grubby hands on it... so look out all you rip off merchants ... ok thats that
over with! i am sorry but i really feel strongly about that subject. now for a
quick message to comrade j of s.a.e ... thanx for your help over the last god
knows how long! ... dont give too many secrets away in your articles will you?
blitter? what blitter? haha! ........ hey guys! i wish people would stop writing
demos with scrollers that go..  this demo has no bobs cus it was written on the
st .. and then it says fooled you and the screen fills up... yaawwnnn!! what a
tediously lame old idea..  ive nothing against gradual build up .. but looking
at a black screen for more than 10 seconds is borrrriiinnngggg!! call me an
impatient sod if you like....... ok now a few greetings... no amazingly
important order... hi to... grey! esp stu and guy of b.s.s .. comrade j of s.a.e
.. blaster of magnetic fields .. ajax of the untouchables .. scooter of the lads
.. mike of excell .. paul of tsk uk .. psyclone of megadeth .. deluxe of usa ..
jaguar of anarchy .. fred .. steve h .. stu of the band ..... thats yer lot...
and its time to say bye.... have fun!  bye from phil! of the british swapping

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