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yo, brothers and sisters...dont`t reset your machine .yet. i know this intro
looks like shit, but that is not most important  now. read scrolly and u will
know how is our war against finland`s .lamer-army going. this is predator typing
again,still alive!!  - and .never will die! -  do u remember our last intro,
there were sum text .`bout those finland`s lamers who`ve written those shit lies
to cracker  journal. b`coz they couldn`t stand it that we are better than`em.
.poor loosers. hang on,don`t reset!    here we go. was summer .-89. we
were doing very great. we still got our cool holland section .and u.s boards.
finland`s lamers (x-men,accession,x-beat,willow of .deathstar) were very envied
for us. poor guys. only deathstar was bet.ter than team-x! these lamers decided
to kill us, they started lies `bout us. they started calling fucking
stupid calls to us. we .didn`t care very much of this. we just thought that they
are just so .childish or something like this. but this wasn`t enough for those
.lamers. they started telling really stupid lies `bout us like team-x .has sold
addresses to germany-cops. that was enough. we get really .pissed off! if u
wanna war, u get it. war started. next move of those .lamers was a new group
called - fap - (federation against predator) .why this? b`coz they couldn`t drop
me out with those lies. they need .a new group against me and my group,but u
can`t win us with this lame .group. i guess your next move is that u give our
addresses to police.. ok, then u win. how nice, u have won us, but how? i just
ask. for my .last words i want to say to all groups who live out of the finland
- .watch out who u swap with, b`coz u can`t know what these finland.-lamers do
behind your back - . next time u can read `bout this war .in next digitech
magazine. big thanx to warlord of digitech for let.ting me to write `bout this.
- war has just begun! -   now highlander .wants to send some hellos.. shark of
master crew... minua ei kiinnosta. mika sun ongelmas on mutta jos sulla on joku
sairas halu valittaa .niin soita alaka vaivaudu kirjoittamaan sita lamer-paskaa
niihin kur.jiin introihin, eihan sita kumminkaan kukaan lue, en edes mina...
.mista vitusta sa oot saanu sellaisen kasityksen etta mina paatan
tiimissa mad lord on, kylla silla itsellaankin on sen verran ar.vostelukykya
ettei liity teihin.  ok now back to english and back to .more sensible things
than talking to lamers... oh, i nearly forgot big handshakes to new ark in
germany, magnus `the dick` of sos(where is my  tape,pal?),dave of the force
(thanks for the phone call and good luck  with your new team) and last
handshakes to whitesnake of critters (you will get the beer some day...) 
highlander signs off.

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