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yep, it's here at last. the second demo from the link. this.little piece of gold
was finished and released at the.silents copyparty in alvesta 3th to 6th of
november. this.demo is the result of the feverish minds of skywize and.hihat. as
usual i, skywize, did all the graffix. the on the other hand was
written by our new member,.hurricane. we all welcome him!! by the way, it was he
who.made the music for our first demo. the link now consists.of five members of
wich four are represented at this party..the members are: skywize, hihat, sir
martin the merciless,.aristo and our new member hurricane. aristo couldn't
come.because he is in france!      well, here we are, sitting at.this nice
party. this is only the first night and not all.groups have arrived yet. the
clock is now 4:30 in the.morning and i, hihat and sir martin the merciless
are.right now sitting in front of this stupid screen typing.this stupid scroll.
some members from horizon are watching.a stupid film about a stupid zombie or
something like that..and hurricane sits beside us making stupid music.
this.stupid demo was a real hell to write, it was originally.ment to be released
at the copyparty in stj0rdal a couple.of weeks ago, most of the demo was
actually.coded there. but we didn't make it in time so we.released at this party
instead! and you know one thing?.it is bloody hard to write some scrolly when
hihat and sir.martin are complaining about my grammar all the time! and.hihats
english is terrible! watch out for his speling.mustakes! well, before we start
the really bullshiting we.better give the contact adresses and the us for swapping under one of the following.addresses:
skywize, ola sambergs, fagerangskrokarna 62,.122 32 enskede, sweden.     sir
martin the merciless,.martin wikborg, langangsvagen 69, 125 32 alvsjo, sweden.. 
hihat, 0sten forshed, skogsvagen 46, 122 32 enskede,.sweden.   hurricane,
christian hallgren, lovsatragrand 47,.??? ?? skarholmen, sweden.  the last
address is a bit.unclear because hurricane has just moved and doesn't even.know
his new address!!           and now for the greetings,.in standard a to z order
with one or two special greets.first. special greetings to: digitech ibb knight
hawks,.   crack force five of triangle  and  the gang, the cracker
from sir martin.  the normal ones goes to.the following people:     amiga
action,   amiga bytes,.clones,   defcon 1,   european software agency,.   
freedom force of sunriders,    hitech,. horizon,   imp 666,  jetspeed of
triangle,    jewels,.    razor 1911,     route.66,    scientific brains of
united,     sct,.   stack,    the band,    the brainbug inc.,    the.cartel,   
the law breakers,     the lazy legion,.the overlords,    tdk,     top swap,   
traxx,    tronny.rotten,    trt,     t.u.b,     watchmen,    wizzcat.      that
was all for this time and we're as usual very.sorry if we forgot someone.       
  the time is now.5:10 in the morning and i'm getting reealy tired, so i.think i
will take a little nap. goodbye for now.......hi there this is hihat with the
bad spelling, but i'm.happy anyway, and tired! almost all the people in this
room.are in sleep or nearly. there haven't been any at this
copyparty, no cops only a burglaralarm.was set off. it's not healthy eating
koffeinpills all.the time you know, a bad stomach, shiverings and other.syntoms
'excuse the bad english'. now horizon are.searching high and low for some xrated
films.'pornofilms'. now sir m. is getting very nervous and.very jealous at me
sitting with the computer all the time.. as the clock turns closer to half six,
i pass the.keyboard over to one of the few unsleeping persons in.this room, bye
for this time!!.cripes, hihat is one of the best bullshiters i have ever.met.
well, anyway here is sir martin the merciless!!!.i am now very tired of helping
hihat with his spelling.,but i didn't correct all of the mistakes, ha ha ha
ha!!!.zzzzzzzzzzz what? still there? hurricane is asleep and.hihat and skywize
are fighting about were they should put.their feet. hihat just had a interesting
theory about.feet. he said 'one feet, two feets'!!! now i have been very.nasty
to hihat, he is after all one of our coders. fan,.man far ju inte supa pa det
har javla copypartyt!.falcon export iii for ever, is that not so the
cracker?.hmmmm i am quite good at bullshiting myself. well now i.have to sleep!
bye...........bye..............    ah, good morning everyone, this is skywize
again,.fresh as a wild flower, after sleeping for about one sleep was
seriously disturbed by the guys from horizon.who sat up all morning watching
some bloody splatterfilms..all you heard was  aarrrghhh,  oooucch,  iiihhhh, and slash. you could also hear little, shocked the film
like 'na fyfan vad ackligt', 'se pa blodet assa'.and 'nej nu maste jag ut och
spy!!'. pretty hard to a surrounding like that!! hihat agrees!! and now
he takes.control......   who?    guess......   one of the two ever.rouling
coders in the link, it's me hihat typing advice don't take too much
koffeinpills, its only an.advice. as skywize i had a very bad and short
periode.of sleep, not only for the disturbing suroundings, but also.for
skywizes' sleepingbag, it was torn at the footend, and.guess whose head was
lying there!, my head ofcourse!.every move skywize made caused a cloude of
feathers flying.out of his bag into my tiny little sensible nose,
made me sneeze all the night.i better keep away from.skywize and his horrible
old sleeping bag tonight and the.following days here in alvesta, but in other
cases i may be.imune. if you complain at about english call skywize or
norton.because they are standing beside me, correcting the text.which now is
getting closer to it's martin the merciles wants to take over. i greet
all my.contacts. bye. bye.' see ya in the next demo or intro'.        good
morning. i have now slept a great amount, or?.i am afraid that skywize does not
like my name. he is too long. sir martin the merciless isn't so long wonder what he would say if i called myself 'lord duke.martin the
merciless, brutal, and fierce' skywize says he.would throw up, but he does that
anyway especially at.n parties. in fact the first time i saw him he was
throwing.up on a poor girl. she was very happy. they then took.skywize and threw
him in a corner, where he stayed and.enjoed the party. hmmmm skywize says that
he did not at all.stay in the corner but was out in some mud. without!!!!! skywize should realy be called 'skyunwize'!!!.he he he he he
!!!!! now the drunk ooooops i mean skywize.wants to have the keyboard. bye bye
!!!!!!!.hi there! skywize for the last time in this stupid don't
have to belive one word of sir martins lies,.realy, don't bother.    we'll see
you in the next demo,.so until then, stay cool!

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