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hello all you fucking @lamers@!! this demo is dedicated to all the lamers ^round
the world... :-)      we thought it was about time to have some fun so we made
this little demo.               end of scroll text... bye!                      
 just kidding!!!! "i kill me" (alf)... about 3000 bytes of scroll text are going
to follow...........        we are two @cool coders@ and this is our very first
demo - we hope you love it. we call ourselves "mathemagician" and "embeepee". we
come from a little, insignificant country in scandinavia - denmark, yeaaahhhh!  
                           here are some technical specifications about this
demo:     @ the joystick controls the scroll speed (left^n^right)        @ the
music is written by an unknown guy (or girl?!?! - are there any girls out
there?).     well, anyway it^s quite cool - it^s called "the second face".      
                        go buy "revolutions" by @jean-michel jarre@!!!!         
                      @ the globe was calculated mathematically from the
coordinates of the world map (fuck - it was hard work to type all those).    
the shade of the earth was made with a homemade @ray tracing@ method made by
@mathemagician@, who also did the mathematical programming.           the coding
and the special real time packing and unpacking method were done by @embeepee@. 
     the graphics was squeezed from 375kb to 152kb.    we planned to include a
special "globe-feature" (a plane world map - with a userdefined picture on the
other side - which transforms itself into this round globe) but it wouldn^t
fit.... 512kb is not enough.                   @ we thank sleepy sleep of
@cascade denmark@ who drew the font and spread this demo (we hope).           
he has mumbled something about that he would like to swap hot, new and wize
stuff. if you want a cool contact then write to:               @@@    l. legaard
   @    roedtjoernen 86    @    2791  dragoer    @    denmark    @@@            
      @cascade denmark@ send golden greetinx to:      @cascade germany@ and
@cascade france@......                (@@@@@ these @ funny @ things @ are @
cool, @ ain^t @ they? haha @@@@@)                             ok! let^s go for
the greetings (exciting, exciting)....      well, the problem is: we ain^t got
no greetinx, ^cause we ain^t got no contacts.      so! if you want us to greet
@you@ in one of our next superb demos, then contact us through @casade denmark@.
             a few private hellos go to: @lapis@ (who helped us making the
"glorious globe" video - thank ya^)   -   @freakstone@ (sisisisisisisisi)   -  
@keq@ (maybe he^ll be our graphician in our next game - yes we make games,
too.... for instance hybris and the vikings, by martin pedersen (embeepee).....)
  -   @j.j.@ ("med filme")   -   @zoonix@ (when is @your@ modem going to work?) 
 -   @henning bohm@   -   and the people on t.g. who we forgot.....       @@@   
           @                      @            @               @      the art of
noise is great!! (and weird^n^paranoid)      @            @               @     
by the way: merry x-mas and a happy new year...   @  see ya^ around next
year!!!!!..................  @mathemagician@ and @embeepee@ signing off... time:
88-12-21-16:05:22    byeee!

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