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the time of darkness and sorrow has come... my story is going to have it's
end... i saw the scene turn to darker side, all crews fought against each
others, individual members tried to be the most famous (including me), all you
got from others was fuckings... and if you got even greets, was the fight worth
it? where has the good ol' days of friends and laughing gone?? wake up guys! if
you continue this style, you've a timebomb in your hands... a bomb of rage and
hatred... make friends people! not enemies! ----------  i made this intro for my
old 'n reliable friends... friends who do not judge me by the looser stuff i
always send... but by my character and the time we have spent to learn to know
each others better than ourselves... friends 'til the very end... friends
forever! -----  true friendship is a thing to be proud of... it's a thing you
still remember no matter what... you can remember those funny addresses on the
envelopes... the letters (even 7 papers of a4 size... or more...) and the
marathon phonecalls... -----  all that is gone now... i'm stopping my active
business in the scene. but i'll still trade with you just for fun, because i
can't forget you... this moment is a very sad one... i've thought about the
passed years in the computer business and i can remember the happy moments like
opening a package from you revealing a lot of all kinds of little things:
photos, chocolade,tea bags, candy, tickets, beer, 42 per cent homemade booze and
that kind of stuff... i think it's now my time to step aside and give space for
others to fill my place in the wide amiga swapping scene... i have grown out of
the 'ever-ruling' swapping, sending the same day as received and copying all
nights long... now i've an opportunity to finish my college, code more, phreak
and party... -----  i'd like to thank idle for this marvellous font and particle
for the music and ooze for fixing the digitized head of mine. you guys made
possible for me to show my respect to my friends... coding (mousebuttons for led
and exiting via joystick button...) was made by me and also other graphics
(+some extra chars in the font) were drawn by me (you can see that...urgh...) 
---  so, let's get on with my friends... --------  here they come.........
defghi of horizon (hope you're still reading this... if you're sick of the speed
of this scroller (too slow?), why don't you take the monitor and read this text
with it? hahhaa! if you've done it, you've missed the great charset! do you like
defghi instead of striper? no? then don't use monitor! by the way, ripp the
picture out from the memory (73000 hex, 5 planes) and change the last color
(number 32) to something else than black... and if you really are reading this
with monitor, check out about 150-160 kbs after scrolltext... only for you...
there's a special 'only-for-defghidefghidefghidefghi-message in memory!
hohhoo... just prepare for my visit next summer...) - whitesnake of critters
(you are also a special guy! thanks for the cool bottle of 'duvel'! that's the
beer to drink! give my regards to your little brother! he has a great taste of
women! hahhaa... hope your college goes fine! mine went down very fast... hope
the belgian toll isn't too bright...) - hellraiser of venom (yo,man! too bad
that i couldn't send nina to you... keep on searching, the only right one may
appear soon! and when she appears, gimme her photo pleeze...) - saigon of savage
(beer is the word, hope the finnish beer (water...) tastes good! cool pen you
have! let's roll 'em over again...) - illuminator of amilink (is your leg better
or are you dying? sorry for the unlucky examweek so i can't come to sweden for
the parties. aren't you coding anymore? i'd just love to see something from you!
hang on pal...) - raster of ai+ff (4 clubs? no way, you'll get 3 max! games,
please... hope you'll call me sometimes coz i won't call you! my phonebills are
high enough without calling you for a few (2-3) hours...) - crack dawn of avoid
(sorry for lousy sendings, i'm stopping active business as you can see... i'd
just have loved to come at your place at silvester but i have no money! i owe a
fucking lot at the moment... sorry...) - captain carlsberg of mastercrew (send
games guy, thank you! greets to boba, the ultimate skinhead... call me
sometimes! thanx for the deliveries... i really love them! hope to meet you
sometime...) - kid icarus of babygang (i miss that photo of your sister... and
of course send me the issue of your paper mag! you are just too cool! give my
love to your sister! i love her...) - ralph 124c41+ of powerdrive (just cool
living... if something important happens, i guess i'll know it pretty soon...
keep as cool as usual! and thanx for the nice photo, it's on my wall...) - fizz
a rolex a crayone of ai+ff (fizz: how many wanks a day?? hahhaa! call me man!
and of course call me more often, or don't you want the hottest wares at the
market? it has always been like that, remember? thanx for larry 2! rolex:
greetings to kaisa and all other girlies like paivi, susanna, irmeli, irma and
marketta... crayone: sorry 'bout those jorma-productions! i never ment to hurt
your feelings, just normal bullshit-talk from me... sorry for all...) - dragon
of crusaders (so, you have learned to code? nice touch! send your productions as
always! stay cooler than ice...) - batman of brainstorm (toblerone was just
fine... why haven't you sent me anything? hope to hear from you soon...) - hoffi
a the wicked of bloodsuckers (the wicked: your military service is over? why not
calling or writing me sometime? i've lost your address... hoffi: fuck off ye ol'
bastard! haven't checked the postbox for two weeks?) - match of flash production
(you were a good guy, unfortunately the cops got you... may the force be with
you forever! good-bye, friend...) - stinger of cave (you are one of the funniest
finnish nurds! thanks for the signature of tapio korjus! it's on my wall now...
teach that parrot to say 'pervert' to incoming people... hahhhaaaaaa...) - eku
of cave (greetings to eku who is the best in the world... i did it again! feel
fucked again? hope so...) - tit of mirage int. (i always liked the chats a
letters! did you offer the chocolade to your dream girlie or did you eat it all
yourself? naughty boy! hahhaa, radio programs had an influence on you, i
remember...) ---------- 'i opened my eyes and saw the field... all those bodies
on the ground... with no arms or legs... why was this battle fought?... for
honour? for pride?... now i understand the madness of war... after the sunset
everything is different... all this for nothing... when are we going to
learn?... fight solves nothing... it brings new fears... i am a part of this...
why?... i'd just like to lay down and close my eyes in peace...

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