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Sand now  WOWW              Sa new   WOWW        Sproduct  WOWW             
Sfrom_   WOWW             Sshield_  WOWW                              Slet's get
it     on!!!   WOWPW                    Saarrrggghhh aaahhh umf umff umfff
uuuuuhhhhhhhh!      gnnfffff ooooo arf arf arf! this is kinda hard like! uhhh
uhh shostakovitshova gomf hernekeittova lissee prooot aaaarhh! oh no, now it
slipBped from my hands!         -no, no, noo! get mr._proper off the keyboard!  
  -gayboard?     no, keyboard, you idiot! keyboard, you know, the thing with
many buttons.     -you mean dr. jive?     -no, i mean the computer.      -oh,
yeah,M the one with the hole...     -no, not riikka either.     -okeydokey, i
surrender. i'll watch albanian sexfilms instead.     -i thought you were quoting
them!     -no, i was quoting turkka's seven brothers.     -oh.    C          
dreammaster, wakey wakey wakey!      -uuurrrfff. fuck off, man. hey,
waidaminnit! i smell booze! pass it on, rain!      -there you go.     -glug.
glug. glug.    _glug.   WOWW         Sha ha ha! rain passes on, dreammaster
passes out!D     -should we get official for a while?     -nahh....      -but
still, just for a change.     -all right...             this is the first demo
ever from   _shield   WOWW           Sof    master crewWOWW             SFfirst
off we should give the credits for this masterpiece. the music was composed by #
dr jive #WW , the windows were constructed by &  _rain_  &WW , the logo was
drawn by  &_morrison_&WW , and all of the coding was done by % the megalomaniac
%. our other members includeI mr. braun (the musician to scare all others) , mr.
proper (lamer exterminator) , chord (music) , dreammaster (minister of
information and alcohol) and last but certainly notH least triton (swapper) .   
      voitto on meidan eika ///pelastusarmeijan!!!    nyt onkin mun vuoro
pallotella klicketi klicketi klisheti zakovv ka/boq kawooooosh     huh that's a
mans vlaaaaash     njaah auriAnkoinen paistaa!    /,ha   WWOW            Ssuomen
maatalouspolitikotiko tila on huolestuttava      heti luuli turbo/i   I  -wacka
wacka wacka! no more serious stuff! let's throw some marmelads at our special
guest stars.      morrison! WOWW            Shope you can overcome the 
hangover.         shark   WOWW        Stiedatkos etta toptronics_WW asennutti
vessaasi kuuntelulaitteet. uskallatkos kayttaa?        amiga unionWOWW          
 Si love guru! i love guru! i love guru,K mut porkkana ei aasista! you fuckin'
lamers! the poor sods who actually bought your ultracrappy magazine killed
themselves or bought an atari instead. hiia, hiia, vittumainen juttu!     no
actual greets yet, you'll have to wait... O          Sso what's shield all
about? let's ask our minister of information, dreammasterWW          -we intend
to be the freakiest group of all timLe!  we're the first to have our own guru!
mr._braun! WWOWW          S  more booze! mera beer! glug.   glug.   uKrf.  
_glug.   WOWW           S-turo teki taas turot! sammu valoa nopeammin!
heeheehee!     -kuivakuivakuiva!           -he's waking up again! hey dm, you
haven't finished your speech yet! speak up, man!       -okay. a couple of
important facts of  _shieFld   WW are that 1. we concentrate on   style   WOWW  
  ,  Sno lamey intros here! 2. we are a part of master crew. sharkey and the
other big boys give their support to us and we provide highly intelligent Mdemos
'n' info for 'em. so, no mistakes dere!          3. we are looking for new
members! if ya think you've got it in ya, contact our hq in kuopio:  dr jive 
WOWW             Skuntokuja WWOWW          S_4g_    WWOWW         S70200   WWOWW
         _Skuopio_  WOWW           Sgot it? good. and the number is
_971-227522_WWWW , ask for taneli. other addresses will follow in further
releases, so beware! whaDt else? oh yeah, dr. jive wants to send some final
messys.       -yessir! any rpg freaks near kuopio, contact! i'm familiar enough
with dd, add, paranoia, runequest and merp myself. anyone got a copy of douglas
adams' book   the meaningWWW     of liff  WWW? if so, please contact us at our
hq immediately. i guess this is it for today. now you can  turn on  WW  tune in 
WW and  drop out! WW   C keep cool and good night everyone!                     
            shit!too serious

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