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where the hell is the music?                õý yeah!  that's better. ù       
           øand now...    teeme of fist! unlimited is proud to present a
brand-new hi-tech demo called:   "the dawn" þ÷       ýdo you think the screen
is too static?ú  no problem!þ  let's have some bobs...ö     like
always,everything in this demo has been created by fist! ultd.û codes and
graphics are produced by teeme and the sound is by hane.ü i hope you like this
pack of weird codes,picture,bobs,font,music etc ,because we (or at least i) have
worked hard with it. i'm very sorry if the bobs still flicker,or if the demo
crashes but the scroller takesýfucking much vertical blanking time and my
interrupt-system is not one of the most reliable ones. i am also too tired to
improve my blitter-routines or other codes. &&&    ù               øif you
want to contact us because of some strange reason,try the right mouse-button.
perhaps we don't have the latest stuff but we surely can create very high
quality graphix,fonts,musix,animation or something else like that. i don't know
about hane,but at least i won't spread my sourcecodes,so it's no good to ask for
them.ú  of course i/we can help a bit (byte?) if you're having severe problems
with the 68000 machinecode.ý( if we only are able to! )       i knowüthat this
text is very,very boooooring but there's a logical reason for typing in this
kind of bullshit.ú the summer is over and the school started a couple of weeks
ago.ûthat means tests every day and coping with stone-aged suckers calling
themselves teachers... üuaaah! i'm wonderingýhow the hell i'll manage through
this year. i'm so bloody tired with the school that i haven't even coded my new
demo for a while. i can only tell you that there'll be some scrolling stars in
my next demo.ý( not a very new idea or what d'you think? ). well,i'm gonna use
some special effects to create a new kind of 3d-star-scroller. at the moment my
stars seem to be very ugly to look at but i'll try to fix them. all the other
data about my next generation demo is highly classified so no more words about
this subject.ù                ølike usual,hane is also trying to develope
somethine new.ýnowadays he's playing with 3d-vector graphix and hasúsucceeded
in drawing some lines around the screen with the blitter.üit seems to be quite
a long way for hane to achieve the level of elite,carrier command or the music
disk 2 by kaktus/mahoney. ( the latter being the most sophisticated demo i've
seen on the amiga so far )ù                    øto everybody considering to
start making demos on the amiga i'd like to say one thing.ý it's not very tough
a task to create scrollers etc with all the advanced technology available in
amiga.ü for example i made my first blitterscroller in a day althogh i had made
no scrollers ever before on other computers.ûbut the real work in completing a
demo is writing the scrolltext!!!   there's nothing special at all in getting
256 16-colored bobs to run simultaneously with 6 scrollers and animating
4d-vectorgraphics,but writing a scroller including 2kb sensible text surely is
the ultimate goal of any hacker!  úby the way,i'm sorry about the very simple
equalizer at the bottom of your screen but i didn't want to leave a huge blank
area behind the bobs.ù                  øünow it's probably time to send some
greetings to some very carefully selected persons ...    ý 1. hane (another
member of the mighty fist! unlimited)   2. vader of the m.a.d ltd     3. zazar
(also a member of m.a.d)    4. dredd/f4 (still investigating the mystery of the
disappeared remotecontroller of your tv? and always remember: tom clancy is
absolutely the best novellist in the world)     5. gedd/f4 (still gonna invest
some 20,000 fim more on your at? is the vga good enough? if not then get an
amiga!)   ... and fuckings to all the commies all around the world:fuck off and
blow up yourselves.ý communism is a disease,the cure is scrolling in ... 
\]^_`[[[[#[&&&\]^_`ú it was a 4-colored,damn worse drawn valmet m-76 assault
rifle (7.62*39 mm) which is the best,most reliable and most accurate assault
rifle in the world (of course it's designed and manufactured in finland). the
main purpose of such a weapon is to be used against the russians,but it's also
extremely suitable for blasting lamers,losers and other scum!     ù            
  øby the way,i just heard that fist! has joined to something called "delta" so
now you know it too.   and now a message to everybody founding a new group;i
think that there's no sense at all to have a big team with total of 25 members
if one of them is a coder and the others are so-called "swappers"(=lamers).ú in
fist! unlimited we have two coders,one musician,one graphics-designer,no losers
and two members. that's the way it should be.       ü one of my oldest dreams
on the amiga has been creating a slideshow,especially after having seen one made
by a finnish guy named h.luhtala.ýthat one consisted of very ugly hand-made
pictures and very niceúdigitized ones. the main problem in coding a slideshow
is the fact that i don't know how to decrunch the iff-files and raw-files occupy
too much disk-space...ûso i decided to create my very own picture packing
system called "fist-file-system". i coded the crunching system in half an hour
last night and it should work 100% ok. so wait for my slideshow,it might be
available in the near future.   and never fear,fist is here.ü( an old poem by
hane ) ù                 ø i think i'd better leave the keyboard now... see
you again in my next demo. there is and will be plenty of productions
developed,designed and released by fist! ...collect'em all and have a smile!    
 and don't forget to play with the right mouse-button...    the end

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