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Text Writer
      hello ladies and gentlemans!
 i am sulky fellow and i hope that you
 will enjoy until watching this demo...

the credits for this ultimate production
 unbuggy coding            sulky fellow
 two nice fonts            sulky fellow
 one ogly logo            sulky fellow
 superb music           unknownartist

    take paper and pen fast, bcoz next
     screen is gonna include contact
       address to our headquater!!

               deathstar  hq
               oravantie  21
               35100 orivesi

if you wanna get contact with our other
members, then try it trough headquarter!
write to our headquater,and it gives you
          that address you want!
 okay, nothing more to say,but see you in
 another bully sulky fellow production!
              bye bye fellows!

     singed by sulky fellow in 1989!

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