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Saint..Don't Click here!..Don't Click here!..Don't Click here!..Don't Click
here!..Exit to Dos - Check out Utils on disk!
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Hello, Saint and Tas Corp is back this time with an ASTRA production...  Special
thanks go out to Squiz of Anthrox for loan of his modem for node II.            
                                         . Hope you like our first production,
watch out for future ASTRA productions. Please note JOKER has also joined as a
modem trader....            signed off Saint 91                                 
      .                                                      . Hello, this is
TAS welcoming you to a small production from ASTRA.      This nice little BBS
intro was knocked up in just 2 days by the one and only TAS.                    
                 .Sorry about the lame code..... some info about this intro.    
    Well, after Ego-Trip (Remember it ?) I decided to move away from demos and
code something useful. I decided to write a video titler and effects generation
language, and here it is,                                             .  TLC -
Demo Design Language. With over 1200 intergrated commmands, it is prehaps the
most advanced and highest level language written on the Amiga.                  
                             .It supports Complex & Convex vectors with bobs
lines and planes in 1-4 bitplanes. Custom dos, ram and trackloading. Inbuilt
cruncher/decruncher IFF support, custom linker and relocater. Realtime blitter
scaling, text frames and scrollers.                                            
.I am sure to add many more features soon, its just a matter of coding them.    
                       .   Oh yeah! my phone number has changed. If you want to
chat then call 0707 373 882 anytime.

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