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Hello Freaks !!! Here is THE SOFTKILLER CREW with our second Demo on the Amiga,
all code and text by Copyright Hunter and Softkiller !!!   Our members are now:
Softkiller, Copyright Hunter, SSD, Nugy, Antitrack, City Cobra, Ady, Julius
Caesar, The Smurf and Outsider !!!      Please, contact us, write to:
Softkiller, Postfach 38, 8784 Trieben, or CHC, Postlagernd, 8051 Graz, both in
Austria !!!    At first a message to: Dr.Pablo and Syntax 2001, Supremacy, GSC
int. and HQC ! Please, return our 2 disks!   And now the long awaited
greetings.....Greetings to: The Kent Team and Bamiga Sector One (Keep on the
good sendings), The Movers (Send more hot stuff!), Corner Crackware Team (Thanks
for the many stuff, but why don't you greet us?), The Bitstoppers (Send more hot
stuff), Crackman Crew (Keep on fast sendings!), Swiss Cracking Association (cool
guys! hot stuff), Skar/Helloween (Thanks for your always fast replies!),
Irata/Red Sector (Send more stuff!), PHR-Crew (Keep on fast sendings), Shut
Berlin (Please, return faster!), Orgasmatron Crew (Hope you like the stuff),
Rage (Good luck with your new group, Zeke Wolf!), WCS (Hello Dauerstress),
FTF/TCG (cool Demos), Powerstation (Please, return our disks faster!), The
Enemies (Hello Denmark!), Dr.Mabuse Orgasm Crackings (Thanks for the nice
post-card from Spain!), Bitkillersoft, Italian Bad Boys (How is the weather in
Italy?), Alphaflight 1970 (good first demo), Northern Lights, F4CG (Thanks for
all, Mauro!) Patrick Fruttie (Hello France), The 5 Dimension, Task Force, D.S.
Compware, Quadrant, Network Crew, The Fall Guys, SCF, The Shadows, Radwar,
Mr.Ram, Mirage, MCA, The Last Dimension, TBW, ISA, The Creators, Niwa, Overseas,
Microbyte, The Raiders, RDAP, The New Generation, Bad Boys, Best Company, Wiff
(Hello Schladminger Racer!), and all our other friends at all over the world!   
We hope you enjoy this demo, look out for our next one!!!            signed: THE

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