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obs!!! what are you doing here?!?!? ah! probably just reading the silly
scrollers!! well, since you have taken a long journey into the deepest parts of
your chip-mem do something posetive out of it!!! contact the 8th sense/circus of
power: hans ole rafaelsen      hamaroybakken 16      8500 narvik      norway    
 ps. no loosers!!!!
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credits: coding  8th sense  , logo  acropole  , this font  scoopex??  , muzak 
(we don|t know)     f we must of course welcome our new member acropole from
west-germany. welcome to our team.  contact us:    n gravedigger      s        
b       box 2068        s        b     8501 narvik       s    b       norway    
   s         b no disc, no answer!      k  greetings from c.o.p to:  wizzcat 
acme  sbb  argon  spectre  vision one of afl  aeon  semtex  panthers  no limits 
shape  rebels  mystix  cosa nostra  clones  double trouble  bounty  world vision
 cave  disknet  giants  master crew  strangers  bionic  bug  electric aim  nz
express  marauders  fraxion  bloodsuckers  dead zone  cytax  byte busters  vdm 
esa  elite  crusaders  napal death  duplex  and to the rest!if you are a good
musician, coder, gfx artist etc.. then contact us for joining, too
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this little demo was made during the easter 90.   f it was supposed to be
released at the crb. it and visual arts party in drammen. but as you probably
know, it was fucked up by the police. and now over to another subject: on friday
the 6th of april 0500 am i (8th sense), gravedigger and excalibur of crusaders
left good old narvik in direction drammen. on saturday ca. 0100 pm we arrived at
the party-place. the party lasted three hours before the police came. the police
took some 1000 discs and threw everyone out. and then i and excalibur had to
travel home. so now i|m sitting here totaly broke. 8th sense signing off....    
this is                    gravedigger                  sn                fb   
typing some crap... well we stayed at the school till sunday morning, but we
weren|t allowed to put up our amigas back at the school. but most of the people
had allready left the place by then. i met flash/shape among the people back at
the school and later on a guy from wizzcat norway put up his amiga and he and
some others were typing scrollers untill i went to sleep at about 4.30 am.    we
left drammen sunday morning and went to oslo by train. there we met excalibur
again and we went to mc donalds to get something to eat. afterwards 8th sense
and excalibur left to narvik by train. i went to my brother who is living in
oslo, mainly to get some sleep. i also phoned a friend of mine in oslo, dixon 
whom i visited the next day.(hi martin how is it going with your basket-ball
playing ?)   and on tuesday morning i left oslo by train and arrived home the
day after!!!! scroll restarting now......  

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