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    ____________________________ ____  _____
 __/    _   _    \    \   |     |   _|/   _/
|  \    \   /    /        |     |   \     \d
::::: c ::: l ::: i ::: q ::: u ::: e ::::::
 a s s e m b l y  '9 6  i n v i t a t i o n 
· {  requires aga and hD  } ·      [disk1/3]

Info (S-ASM96.readme)
Short: Sonik Clique - ASM'96 invitation!
Uploader: (murk%sonik.clique)
Author: (sonik clique)
Type: demo/aga
Requires: AGA + HD
Distribution: Aminet CD & EuroScene = OK, others ask for permission

          __________:__________      ________ _____        _____:
          \    __  /:    _    _|____|       /_____(_______/     /
         / \___  \/ \_   \     |    \      /       /    _/     /:_
                    :                                           :
                    :                                           :
                    :    .%. a s s e m b l y  1 9 9 6 .%.       :
                    :          i n v i t a t i o n              :
                    :          ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯              :
                    :                               _____       :
       _______    __:__      ________ ________ ____|_   (_______:
      _)    _/___|__  _|____|_______(_   _    |     /    /   __(:___
      \     \      /  \     \        /   \    |    /    /   _\  :  /
      /___________/__________\______/____     |________/________:_/
                    :                    '----'                 :

release notes:
ok, 're we are once again. another release from the sonik pub. erm, clique,
that is. this is one of the biggest (if not *the* biggest) projects we have
worked on during the last few years. this production has really taken
advantage of the net, email etc. four coders living apart have been pushed
to their limits to accomplish this huge invitation. as usual, we didn't take
the easiest way, instead we tried a more 'professional' approach and here's
the result.

this release is quite unique in another way aswell; it is released on both
amiga and pc platforms. not only do the invitations look the same, they also
feel the same. this is something that hasn't been done before in the scene,
but which hopefully will be the future. this might very well be the last sonik
production for 2 meg amigas, since it's really worthless to spend hours on
just trying to fit the production into the memory.


                art direction - markus grannenfelt  [murk]
                  programming - juni katainen       [eye-q]
                       design - markus grannenfelt  [murk]
                 anim. packer - sami kivisaari      [deflector]
                        musik - matti tuomela       [maza]
                                michiel krop        [supernao/gforce%lemon]

additional credits:
                       dancer - anders! (*smack!*)
                  photography - jonas
                    feat. pic - stolen from a dsl catalogue
                                (dsl spa-7 via dell'industria 36060 molvena)
                                           (we wear them - we get the hoes!)

special thanks:
              scanner support - sami kuisma @ doctron oy
                 video camera - anna t. (me luv!)
                   sgi (suxx) - jani (dessu) @ hybrid ltd.
                    musik fix - supernao (fast!)
                                (maza phukk off, you little twat)
                  super skunk - ruben (say hi to james

general design notes:

«i don't think that you can be neutral. you cannot not communicate. if you
say nothing, that says something. if you don't respond, that's a response. if
you don't have a religion, that's your religion.»

david carson (emigre no. 27)

what should i say? this is a big leap forward, at least for me personally.
new software was used in the production process, new methods, new
approaches. the project turned out to be much more challenging than i would
have guessed, and needless to say, more time consuming as well. :)

the interlaced mode was chosen beacause the text wouldn't have fitted into a
lores screen, and the hires quite nicely destroys the proportions of the
fonts. now, if i would have redrawn all the fonts in hires, you'd probably
see them in the asm97 invitation.. besides, multisync owners should be
quite pleased with this. (many of the routines look better in hi/lores,

this would be a perfect place to explain what i tried to achieve, and why i
chose an approach like this, but i'm really too fed up with this project to
write anythign sensible. let's just say that i wanted the invitation to
look more like a "magazine" and less like a computer nerdy lores
invitation. i'm not sure if i succeded, but at least this should stand out
from the crowd, and of course, no environment maps or phong shadings!!!

the "destroy the fonts" style is inspired by the likes of david carson
(nice spreads in raygun) and other artsts appearing in such publications as
fuse, emigre etc. (i've seen one or two emigre issues ;)

as goethe once said «life is a series of changes», and we're living in a
rapidly changing environment. all the hype about the net (yuck!),
multiplatform software etc. sets up totally new requirements for the
producers of both business and entertainment software. we're definetively
going to be a part of the future, so stay tuned for some more mind
expanding products from the sonik clique.

known design faults:
lack of animation in most of the screens is quite obvious, really. origianlly
i wanted to include small anims in all of the screens, but as we ran out of
time, we decided to drop some of the ideas.

the animation packer isn't the one to blame for destoying the picture
quality. the luuuvely sgi without any video equipment is the real reason.
anyway, we were in a terrible hurry, so this will have to do.

if you think that the graphics are in 640x512 just because ther antialias
is bad, you're wrong! take a look at some of the shots in the gfx.lzx and
judge for yourself.

the colors aren't very well chosen in some of the screens, but then again,
you wouldn't have noticed it yourself, now would you? :)

a few of the screens look REALLY horrible, and should have been redrawn.
find the ugly once yourself!

technical crap:

melon. = cncd = banal p. = lemon. = virtual dreams = parallax = andromeda =
matilde = orange = jamm = plant = movement = oxygene = artwork = essence =
haujobb = jormas= essence = complex = polka b. = passion = pygmy p. = mass =
balance = stellar = abyss = and the -design gods- at tbl (uuh)

no personals this time..

contact sonik clique:

email: (commercial, girls, joining ..)

	murk: 		(the old ad is still valid)


        m.g. - t00l0nk. 50d74 - fin-00250 hki   (joining        >murk)
        t.n. - saiek. 11 - fin-78500 varkaus    (trading        >model)

be good, be sonik.				.murk210796

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