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ladies &any out there?!( and gentlemen!  digitech is proud to present a.little
solid-3d flight simulator    this is hitchhiker by the way if you had.trouble
guessing that?! use mouse to control ship!   left button is thrust and.the right
one changes ship &3 are avaliable at this moment(        exit this.demo with
joystick button!  this routine is not   i repeat     not stolen from.virus or
any other place!   &i have heard that some guys think that!(     but.i am off
now so take it away san!.                 .hi! this is sansisco of digitech
speaking! welcome to the summer conference of 89!.all coding   muzak and vector
gfx was created by   ...hitchhiker... of digitech!.thanx to joe  of scoopex for
the help when we were short of logos    thanx to acidman for.supporting me with
poisonsticks &cigarettes(   over to media for the greetings      .  ok! digitech
sends their best wishes to      scoopex - defjam - phenomena swap &thanx
for helping us with putting out the fire!( - fairlight -.italian bad boys -
horizon - crusaders - mirage - guards of doom - roundcircle - northstar. silents
- rebels - the supply team - vision factory - trilogy - doc.- black monks and
the rest we know       we also welcome our new member.called the elf!   now
follows the memberlist!    altair - capt solo-.exodus - hawkeye - hihat -
hitchhiker - hurricane - media -.procyon - sansisco - sauron - skywize - smauge
- the beast - the circuit -.the elf - the ruler - trinicon  - warlord - willow! 
   if you want us.something write to     erik flyxe          nissastigen 1      
  .12157 johanneshov          sweden          or call      +46-8488263        
.i will leave the keyboard now, bye!          homeboy sansisco rapps again and i more funky    so coders swappers gfxers muzakers and lamers it iz get funky! as you know i am sansisco the hottest member of the called d i g i t e c h ! we are what you would call science of
tomorrow!.some personal greetings from sansisco to     the circuit for the beer
and for.being a def homeboy      jenny for the tea     christian b for comming
to me.six in da morning totally drunk     no more greetings      bye for this

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