Digitech - Summer Conference 89 InformationDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text (Lower Scroll)
hi this is hihat writing in this readable scroll!  some instructions first, stop
this scroll by pressing the rightbutton! with the left one you change piccys and
text! with the joy-buttom you will be able to make the sine/scrolly to disappear
 its easier to read the text then!! and both mousebuttons exits! thats all!you
may think that its only me typing this text, when skywize did the maincode, but
skywize only sits down here in my big, comfortable cellar watching video! i will
not tell you what he watch!!! oh i maybe have to stop writing if we will be
ableto send this away today  bye!!!      hi this is skywize!well, you read the
instructions for this demo, so now you know how to handle it!  as you probably
know bynow, the summer conference will be held by digital technology and
amigalords 7-9 of july. the place is a school situated in kortedala, in the
suburbs of gothenburg. and you know how to get there from the various
trainstations, ferrystations and so on. do you not?   there will be held a
democompettion with fine prices. the winner gets 100 top-quality  disks. and the
other pricesincludes for example a joystick and a diskbox! so get coding! if you
arrive by train or boat and want to be picked up, call warlord at +4631462539 
(peter). but then you must arrive between about 12.00 and 20.00 on the friday.
well, i have no more time for writing since we must crunch this stuff and get it
to the mailbox quite soon. so goodbye for this time!
Scroll Text (Upper Scroll)
howdy!  this is      hihat   ss i just woke up! so this text is maybe a little
boring. but this party will hopefully be the opposite! now to   rolex  s, i saw
that you have problems  with the police, is that thrue.  any way i hope to hear
from you. bloody weather outside! rainy cold sweden! i go back to bed as soon
this shit is finished!  i will write some stuff in the lower and readable
scroller.   ist maybe a little to late to release this thing but a guy down in
gotenburg tried to send graphix, music to us for two tree weeks now!  hope to
see ya all at the party!!!!!         come !  s   ive been away for tree weeks
and its realy nice to sit here and play with this little pice of plastic!!.  we
in digitech planed to release quite a lot at the party  mostly demos but other 
things to!  now i gonna quit this scroll!!!   once and for all   good bye! s    
                   fuck beutler

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