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here we are and we are proud to present you our first intro . the releasing date
is the 29.04.89 (piranhas party) ..  and now the credits - coding:   alligator .
 sound and graphics:    chris   . idea:   ralf    .. contact us at our newest
address - write to:  plk 019175 c .    7600 offenburg. west-germany .. we send
the best of the best greetings to:  . spreadpoint    threat     afl     level
one     vision factory     mindwarp      trilogy      and all our other contacts
.  . sorry for not greeting all our contacts but we dont have a complete
greeting list at the moment. watch out for next releases. now the keyboard goes
to chris. hi here is chris .  i hope that you like my first tune and my cool
graphics. now a messy to energy austria: thanks for contacting me i will write
you soon back. now some messages  from ralf: please note that the group  strange
42  . is dead because of some trouble with police. but now we are back with the
new  crew called   accept  . last but not least a note from alligator to chis:
please dont create such big modules  -  help !  there are  only 512k inside my
amiga and seka needs also a little bit of memory .  but you songs are nice .    
         well let me say bye to all you at the screen thats all folks.          
                                                  sorry that is the end of this
short scrolly .                                                            .nix 
                                                der text geht jetzt wieder von
vorne los!

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