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accession presents   graveyard party blues !  serious (?) realtime 3d-demo with
animation"  on 6 (six!) bitplanes and 25k bullshit scrolltext.  and now .... 
the real greetings should fly to your eyes right at this moment :::::::  scoopex
...  .....  skid row ...... stack......defjam.......pure byte........byterapers
......spring ....complex...
rebels......tristar.......razor......rainbow trio......beastie boys....
fraxion........bitti lehti...munanjatke.....sinappikaasu....
bastu...sauna...hikiviki.....jumijami.....irvihammas ja timo taikuri ...
jarniz.....(shave your legs)....fictiosessio....sormisuussa.....
nysse........myyra....matti nykanen (bilbos
sisko)...masoitkeekunselvinpainollataytyisihoho....... allright babes ..  the
next point we must show you is the contact address of our hq !!!  get your stuff
ready and get loaded full of this addy ::::::::  pl 250 // 48101 kotka //
sf-finland //europe // ok you didnt get it so i must repeat it :::::::::::::: 
pl25048101kotkasffinlandeurope !!!!!!!!  so now i think you got it !!!  what fbv
??????  americans cant read scrolltexts says adept our proud leader !!!!  so if
ya wanna banana go to tori ja osta sellainen !!!  contact our uhq (universal
headquarters) to get hot stuff,hot videos,hot hot,hot maso,hot very hot,so hot
,we are soon overheaten ....  hot !!!!  so call :  358 - 0 - 3881386 or 358 - 0
- 3881108 and you can try to reach our uhq with mopo and hosti
(2400-8375493187530 bauds) !!!  and this is like a friendly warning !!!! the
texts may be addictive so be careful when you read this following 20 kilos of
bull !!!  if you have weak heart ...  consult your doctor or get physical help
to see this wonderful piece of art by brainz !!!  get ready ..  adept warned you
about ..............  huhuu, monsters are here to come and get you...  we will
fuck everything that moves !  vyvyan  is  here to pray for your mamas !!!  the
papa was killed so i dont really  care  any shit for now !!!  the real thing im
saying is to make you feel good and relaxed !!!  the one and only mamafucker is
here ..  the mama with  power  over  mind !!!  the days will come and the days
will go ...... but  still  i must send some hellos to following people out there
::  first of all greets i must send to stavvy the fasoulas ..  i hope you
convert the delta  to  amiga  !!!!   im  very sorry but i really want to contact
you in coming  summer  !!!   the  death  shall  rise  !!!  the second greet i
must testament  to  zados  my  dear  brother  of  love ....  you my man have the
beginning  of  life  and  the beginning of time and matter !!!!  i love the
thing  in you and i love the feel of death in you !!!  mama ....  stay with me 
allways  !!!!!!!   the  accession  headquarters  code are :::pl 250 ::: 48101 
kotka  :::::::::   sf-finland  ::::   be  cool  enough to freeze our monitors
!!!!!!  mama say .....  someother to continue ....................   yes man!
the new man behind the keyboard is now called  --- adept --- !!! the unfortunate
 man who is responsible for this accession giganoid meeting! my beatiful home
will be  destroyed by the devastating hordes of accession computer maniacs....
sigh ..        fuck and go! no inspiration this time to write more .... see you
later in this scroller...  hopes adept ! hello guys its ddt behind the keyboard
i just came from toilet and guess what i did there?..! huh? i washed my socs
with adepts widal sassoon (wash & go) shampoo socks were stinking like
hell !! huh.. why? well i dont know... and now contact me for mail
swapping..because finnish phone company cutted my phone line until i pay my
bill... it was first about 4300 fim and when i payed that they sent me  another
bill of 2300fim and guess did i have money to pay it??...nope ..they fucked my
phone line...welll anyway my address is : gunillantie 6ca12 00870 helsinki 87
suomi swedish: gunillasvagen 6ca12 00870 helsingfors 87 finland well
see ya later folks....    hi there! (very original, sure :-)  yes, your worst
nightmare has become real.. this is bilbo writing..  i have been quite inactive
nowadays  but i am afraid adept's whip will correct this, now that he finally
finished the army!!  hohum.. as somebody maybe mentioned we are at a meeting in
adept's place and things are getting wild little by little... at the moment most
people just watch some stupid  demo or fool around in the finnish bbs's.. but
more boozing... more fun :-)  oh well  i better leave the keyboard to the next
guy in the line and get some vodka...  bilbo  signing off...    hemma mamma
gamma zamma ..... this is vyvyvan the mathor bastard from joghurt !!! monster of
accession should stop to drinking my beer !!!!! he should consult to psycician
or wat mama !!! the best of them all !!! the only one of them all !!!!!!!!! the
one and the only ...... vyvyan the ultimate master bastard !!!!!!        the key
should now go to ::::::::::::  adept again! oh noooooo!     a special report 
from accession meeting! (really?) .....     starbyte is rappioalcholic, has sold
his   house, and when he is in mokus place at nights he is a megacoder!!!! ? 
vyvyan gets 9mm  automatic!!!! so if anyone wants to invest?       -------
invest in incest! -----   ! ?  kill nelson mandela! says bolbo!  greetingxxxxxx
to cave!!! says nysso (monster)....  ---- and now follows a little line of
original cave (c) text:                   i say greetings to -----   monster -
you are cool friend, code more!    vyvyan - you are  cool friend.   maso - you
are cool! send more!    zei - you are cool, send soon.   moku -  you are cool
friend, send more!        .... heeeeeeee......  cool it down man  and this is a
cool accession looser event with vyvyan going to personalities...  moku  forgot
his toothbrush to home!!! a disaster!  yep, this is again adept signing off.... 
see you later again .... now bilbo wants to write ..   want i? oh well, here we
go  again.. to the land of the boredom.. zei is sitting beside me, wrapped in
partyflag and  looks quite tired,... adept is pissed off 'cos he can't pay for
the phonebill.. and  monster says he is fucking fucked! ..and starbyte just
drinks mooore...  yeah, i think it  is now time for starbyte to write some.. 
uhhhuh, i just moved the ,monitor few cm:s, and the screen blanked...     bilbo
wants to bark nightblade at a vertical  position... the fucking lame went to
home to sleep at 10pm!!!! unbelievable bullshit..  well, we hope he will take
part in the fun tomorrow....  buhbuhbuh, me, the  ultiamte starbyte am here
(somethging worng with my spelling again) to bore yoiu to death. i really wonder
if there's anyone stupid enough to read all of this scrolltext, but never forget
teams like doom and cave. we r-u-l-e!. call accessuin voice hq: +358-0-4321/ask
for markku(with big "m").markku was just inspiration by neuro, the ultimate
neuromanver of accession... so dont care. we fuck everything that moves. believe
me, i know... (the sheeps...) a-c-c-e-s-s-i-o-n   l-o-v-e-s   y-o-u !!!!
accession wants you!!! (takakautta...backwards)  moku on pop! this gonna be the
ultimate record on the scroll-text writings... more than 300 kb of total
bullshit!! just keep reading...i know youll stop before the end. atleast, if
moku`s gonna continue his story with deutsch scienteists and sheep love. never
mind, we gonna rape you...on a day you never gonna believe...on a place you
never gonna believe... with a form you never gonna believe... we - strike - back
!!!     huhuuuu.... where i am ?  oh sori, name is maso. but the coder is now
worrying about the free memory, so i have to stop this writing. so long for
me...yo,brother this is monster of fuck session and i am fucking afraid of
memory side.twin pigs is best serie in tv. fuck and go....  we now have a
planning session with coders and vyvyan sitting on the  floor and people
chatting about intelligent things (?) .... coders are pushing mokus  and vyvyans
ideas to eachothers shoulders, heh!!! btw. it is adept again on board....    the
elama magazine rules!!! bilbo just came to the conclusion that we never meet
while  being sober!!! the truth!! captn hook masturbated.... wrong hand, oh
shit! the reselling  market is going hot around the digiview hardware... 3
pieces in fact. harri klapuri rules!!  by the way we have all the active members
except spagetti and hawkwind here.... if anyone   of you wants to be monsters
codeslave, then contact us! and fast! jesus was a rolling  stone!   ok, here we
are again... some ppl just passed out and the others are watching  some real
stupid (finnish) porno movie.. you should be here.. the comments are really 
great.. i think i'm in the middle of experts (btw,this is bilbo writing).. ooh
ohh ooh  gosh this is great... monster is just dreaming about being in the
action himself :-) he was just passing out when the 'action' started... and
decided to stay around  for little more longer... hmm sounds like munster is
reading the magazine 'life'... "it feels like this when you're raped!".... oh
shit.. now they changed to a german movie..  it is really catching the
attention..  and munster boasts he has seen all the german porno movies... well
noone is perfect!  report: i, moku, lennu, adept, monster, zei and maso, all
life and kicking...,  vyvyan tumb and starbyte, passed out...  nightblade,  just
acting like a loser and at home sleeping!!   hmm.. now they invited new method
to use champagne... in the movie... yack...   now adept is taking the keyboard
from  me,  got to go.. have fun.. (you must be insane if you have read this
far!)..               adept again! time is... nooooooo not that shit again!!!!!
monster  is a bit too knowing of the film, thats going on, hmmmm.... and
now...... the word of  the day from the unbeatable ddt!!!!    ------  fuck'em
all!!!!!!-----  , said ddt....  monster fucks anything that moves!  weetabix is
unreachable by ddt... hehehe.. zei is  now doing something mystical... starbyte
is lying dead on the floor.... now he just got  up! and the stomach is full of
warm vomit! you cant beat the feeling!              accession - guaranteed
erection!     monster says greetings to hoffi:   fish and shit!     the
pornoking of germany jumps over the lazy dog... someone is getting an orgasm on
the telly... (ddt) ... some hours ago we saw a great finnish splatterfilm called
roitsch!!!  (or something like that)... great! a special messenger from the
toilet just appeared, and  his name is his great whiteness, 1st king of
passouters, starbyte!!!! and to add the final   nail to this coffin, ill give
the key-fucking-eddieedvards-trak-board to the allmighty  ddt!!!! well its ddt
again i think its time to send my own special gre/fuc ill send em to
::abitus,jesus,hell,mountains of madness,aamulajat (zados,grendel,tws,ja kaikki
muut  mopet)/and now greets... skid row (ffc,nice chats,, but now my phone lines
are dead so.. metallica cool chat with mace from my parents phone hehhheehe)
?classic? (dez if you still are in clasic),aurora (nice
parties!!),tristar,rebels, red sector,thrust (phil),crusaders (dr.awesome),image
(mita vanha parta suu..?), did you take my adress before? no????? why ???? sorry
too lazy to rewrite it but boot and get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ddt signing
off...  shit shit shit bilbo is here once again bringing you this shocking
report!!! people are really dropping, and i mean dropping... thump ... still up
are munster, adept, zei(also known as rock a billy man), ddt and me.. the others
just  vanished .. maybe they fed up (with the rap from the radio) ... 
accession.. the freaks  are forever!!  wow, monster is still sober enough to
code something.. maybe he can debug  the party demo so this text will be
released here at the meeting.. hmmm..  now he's just  amazed why did the demo
work this time!!! :-)  ... "and now the demo should tilt..."..  hehehheheeee...
coding is fun!!  "let's bet if i can exit this demo gracefully" ...  heheheee...
now i got new victim for you... zei just came here.. i'll let him  torture you
now..   thissis zei... i dont know what i'm writing but who cares... missa 
grafffat asks monster. i don't know. there is something strange going on,
because i can 't understand anything what is happening around me (maybe im
drunk?). software failure...beepbeep says  monster's demo. and doesn't work.
argh. bullshit i dont want to write anymore... good bye. hello hello .... wheres
the cat ??? the cat is on the moon !!!!! but whadda mamma say ???? the vyvyan
killer bastard !!!! the same finnish x movie hits the screen again and im almost
clear with my thoughts !!! the best bull is the best bull so i must continue the
fucking bull  !!!!!!!!!! andre just came in !!!!!! musique non stop !!!
everybody of you who managed here .. i must salute you ! you may ask why i
salute you ????? er....dont ask me if im the judge !!!! now i must go to
downtown and stop this ! hey look whos here .. i think the dude will
continue....hips, its maso talking. we are just looking a finnish sex movie...
at the moment here is a loong queue to the toilet. you know... well about the
sex movie. some finnish sex company has sold a hooker from poland and some
nigger to that show, and they are just fucking. some finnish 50 year old
fat-mama is speking during the whole movie and making those efects. so exotic...
anyway now it just finished, but it was just a second time we watched it. maybe
couple of times of more - it is so funny!!! what else? oh no... now there is
coming (i am not!!!) a germany sex movie. so sick, you know those deutch.... a
woman barried to the sand on the beach and other women and men are pushing them
pussies and cocks to the girls mouth for slicking and some reaaaal pervert man
is taking a film-picture by camera. i am pervert but that is something sick...
well that was just a small into of that movie. but i have to say that deutch are
willing to make hot stuff movies. last summer i was interrailing with a deutch
girl. shes name was sabrina. just like from those deutch movies. the time i
spent with her was real haaarrrdddd. i never have had so empty balls. thanks to
her. maybe i should send some greetings to her. yap, hi there, sabrina! also i
like to send special freetings to saddam hussein, if he still exists. geaorge
bush - cool work, keep going. rock and roll can control, sam. well, maybe i
should to star drinking (again) for today. we sould to go some local
restaurant/disco tonite (we are in kotka/finland, if nobody haven't mentioned
it) so i have get drunk before we're going to in. so i leave this keyboard now.
cu.... yeeeaaarght... neuro's typing now, and believe it or not, maso is not yet
-totally- drunk, though getting there, getting there, as you might have
understood from his texts... gosh, i'm learning a whole lotta new german words
from this movie... like achhh....! mehr, mehr....! hnnnght! and so on... very
educating.(maso commercial coming, coming, coming.... aaaahhhh.  yap, fastline -
accession hq : + 3  5  8  - 0  -  3  8  8  1  3  8  6   and   + 3  5  8  - 0  - 
3  8  8  1  1  0  8, both lines with us robotics dualstandard modems (v.32 +
hst) and there is  a  6 6 0  m b harddisk, that's it, someone keeps writing,
regards maso) .... maso a again... neh mamas this is your fave doggy man again
!!! the plasma wierdo jumping chili pepper master vyvyan !!! few things to say
to you :::: thing one : negger rule ! thing two : no rule ! legalize it !!!!!!!
what ???? it !!!!!!!!! what  fucking  it !!! shit !!! neeeh mamma say you wont
need any buddas to clean your monitors .... the monitor generation ... the doggy
bastard leaves you ...... i have to write this. those pervert deutch people are
now fucking on the sport- boats, speed is about 150 km/h. now he is coming...
uuuuhhhh. name of the second boat is emanuelle 2. i am wondering why there
haven't been any partys included with party-hoors. some hookers would cost maybe
500 dollars for a night, so it is not so big investion. and think about those
hunders of satisfied freaks from all over the world. oh yeah, maybe accession
will do that. who knows, anyway we are so sick people, that it might happend. so
if you have some wishes, what kind of hooker you like, send some wishes to any
member of accession, so we can choose a best one to satisfied you... i would say
:  v e r y   c o o l ! ! ! ! now vyvyan .... abandon your home .... eat your
biginis .... kill your bigsisters .... rape  your pet parasites .... the one
........ and the only ...... vyvyan the ultimate master bastard is   h e r e  
to swallow your mind and your fucking attitude right down to the lights of
destruction !!!! pfeeeeeff   what a fucking incoming script .... again .......
so here i am ... so who the fuck are you ??????????? hehehehehehh       i think
this day is sunday ??????????? yes im sure that this beautiful rainy day is
sunday !!!!! so whats the time then  ehhhh   ???  22:10:00:00  !!! oh my god i
almost forget  it   !!!!!!  im now at accession meeting .. inside ofcourse !!!!
my pet rat knocks his water-bottle .... i think its soon time to feed it ... and
hofficourse i must think the food to my little f r a n k  !!!! yeah .. you
guessed .......... w r o n g  ! ! !  frank is my pet tarantella ! ya know ....
the spider man !!!!! cool creature .. moe moe moe !!!! . . .  ... ... ...  . . .
 sos ??????? ya wanna mee leave dis faking joint errrr ???        and then the
people went down to cry ......... alright back to earth !!!!  so atfirst
(because i dont or cant know anything else to write)  i must roll the jollyfull
freelancer bars of hellos and hoffis !!!! first i must roll the cooldude bar
...... like this ::: ---- zebra (i will remember you in my last will !!!)
-------- slayer (so ... you failed the code .... but what a heck !!! i dont feel
bad ...... do you ?????) -------- ddt (another kid to this stinking universe
!!!!! you must be the man of the year in the fruity-ball contest !!!!!) --------
zados (i heard that you sold your dick ?????? aaaaaalright  .... welcome in the
gang !!!!) -- ------ irwin (sorry i didnt match your party .... no money ... you
see???) ------ communist (okay....i must admit that you have veeeery small dick 
  .. after your visit in kotka !!!!!) -------- hoffi (the disease !) --------
adept (speis daks will be the kings ????? the armylife transforms soon to
joblife .... welcome back invader !!!) -------- nightblade (yes ... im now
believing to one pure f a c t  !!!! ya lazy maaaan !) -------- stavros  fasoulas
(seeking me ???? call fella and pleaaaase do that delta to amiga !!!) --------
moku (no calls ?????? man where are your balls !!!!!!) ------------ zei (jamppa
rules ok ????) -------- monster (the coder ????? the boozer !!!!) --------and
then i must again say sorry to friends ive forgotten .... the human brains makes
mistakes  ... true  aint ?????? !!!!  so the first gaybar shall roll to
following testicle brains :::::::: foad (if monster likes your ass it doesnt
mean that i do !!!!!!) --------  errr... cant think any else to blaim at this
moment .... so we must close the gaybar credis !!!!!! stoppen !!!!!!! so .... 
address comes here ::accession hq:::::: p l    2 5 0      :::::  4 8 1 0 0     k
o t k a  ::::::::::::: only contacting for vhs swapping and if ya wanna write
articles to my  sooncoming zine .... in finnish ofcourse !!!!              so
what then ?????? nothing really important !!! some of you guys were asking after
me .... yes ive been underground due my moving etc... but i think that missing a
few lame party does make the next party im in much more shocking and rumbling
!!!! the next thing .. i really dont blame you lamers out there who greet
me in your demos etc... but imagine one little important point !!!!!! if you
dont know me how in hell you can greet me !!! i notice only my friends greetings
and nothing .... absolutely nothing more !!!! so its no miracle that many of you
didnt find any greets here !!!! and you shall not find .... until you are my
friend .. which is very high level protected secret .. aaaaaaa shiiiit !!! cut
the crap !!!  as he clash said ........ but now its time for endscript and i
hope that everyone of you enjoys your life .. i will enjoy mine .. so i really
see no point why i must write anymore !!!!! be wrong ..... be strong !!!!!!
.....and so did he ...... leave the keyboard .... leave idealism ..... leave
purity .... leave virginity ....... and he left !!!!!! the one ........ and the
only one ...... vyvyan the ultimate master bastard of accession (freaks are
forever tm) 1990     s i g n i n g     o f f   ! ! !           gore my children 
! ! ! ! ! !

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