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welcome to another anarchy mini-intro.      credits time.....           coding -
kreator.           music - 4-mat             logo - mr big.         this intro
was a previously unreleased intro which kreator. coded many months ago, so we
thought it was about time we used it..      at this moment ( 1:00 a.m. monday
14th may ) theres just myself ( mr-big ). here typing this text.   ..    so
while ive got the keys to myself. ill send out a few hello's to some good
friends of mine...........        the quaterback of slipstream - hi matey, its
only a "short" time before we finally meet..         number five of magnetic
fields - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mark, when are. we gonna make some arrangments for
the party.     jay of acidforce - keep on sending pal..         judge of tornado
- hi kool guy.        wizoid of extreme - ill let you know about the party..    
   spellcaster of brainwave - hi pal, hows life south of watford gap..      
hybrid of the hacking relation - mmm mm m, how are ya mate..           almanac
of inner city - kool spreads from a kool group, keep it up..           sorry if
your'e not in my hello's, .          here come the greetings, its not up to date
so sorry if we missed you out..radical green party handouts go to (in no special
order)..      .acidforce   accumalators   automation    axxis   .britishmade  
bytebreakers   cascade   subway uk   extreme   . crucifiers   cryptic   culprits
  dcs and tristar   diciples   profile    cave.   dynamic vision   cyborg   eli 
 scorpion   paradox   dream demons   druids   emulators   equinoxe   esa   esp  
evil meditation.      exodus   fds   fifas   sabi   genesis project   .hallmark 
 hcc   illusions u.k   impact   inner city   intuition   .ipec elite   internal
vendetta   lads   leicester crew 2   mach 4 .vision   phoenix   fart/clones  
tommy knockers   the hacking relation   rebels   sector 90   cult(sweden).   nz
express   mastercrew   n.s.a   assasins   travellers   rigor mortis .   prong  
system 5   alpha flight   disknet   crusaders   .darklight   myth   new age  
sundragons   wiz   sun connection   savage   .magnetic fields   matrix division 
 miracle   mech minds inc.   medics   mercenary.   mirage uk   mayhem   msa  
napalm   neutron uk   electron decoders   .nightstalkers   nukebusters   oracle 
 pace   pendle europa   powerdrive.   powerlords uk    pulsar   quartex  
ramblers   s.h.a.g.   .share and enjoy   scoopex   sirus corp.   slipstream  
silents uk   starlight   sundragons   tcs   technique   team - x   .the
untouchables    warp 9   xa   x-caliber   zack   zender    atomic circle   numo
distribution.   zero defex   fraxxion   ivory   animate   image of dreams   .  
atomix   alien nation   joe young   n c s    brainwave   savage   paranoimia  
and all the rest.....   you know who you are.         contact anarchy hq......  
           49 kirkstall road.                 new lodge estate.              
barnsley.                 south yorkshire.               s71 1rs.               
england..           here comes the latest anarchy members list........    mr-big
(management).    judge drokk (co-management).    kreator (coder).    4-mat
(audio maestro).    hammer (coder).    igor (grafix).    raphael (grafix).   
mole (swapper).    banger (swapper).    pioneer (coder).    dan (swapper).   
tony (coder).    vektor (coder).    cph (coder).    .  the amazing anarchy
megademo will be released shortly, watch out for it.......         till next
time dudes !!       adios!!                wrap.

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