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something.......      somewhere.......  animate! is here again with brand new
production by brand new member!        lets start with the credits...   coding
and bob gfx by cameron (as mentioned, i'm a new member of animate).     muzax by
dark light     and logo by ripper of exodus.    hmmm... what next...ok, let's
type our address and then i will show ya what you are hungry for.    so, if want
to contact animate!  then write to:   animate! 609     20301 turku 
   finland         note:  no disk - no answer!       note 2:  we are looking for
new members (coders,gfx mans and musicians), if interested then contact us
immeaditly.       ok, lets print our greezlist!    animate! sends greetings in
no fuckin' order to:    vision factory     paranoimia     quartex     fairlight 
   red sector inc.     triad     spreadpoint     bamiga sector 1     topswap    
quicksilver     tristar     accumulators     kefrens     dual crew     trilogy  
  radwar enterprises     rebels     setrox     celtic     bloodsuckers     prism
    the silents     alpha flight     sunriders     scoopex.   m.a.d.     prong  
  brainstorm     vision     browbeat     mwb     disknet     the goonies    
wizzcat     amaze     cave     cabe     triangle     clones     duplex     phaze
101     acid force     savage and ics     oracle     the fatboys     exel uk    
zombie boys     avenger     system 5     dream vision     bci     apology of afl
     thalysis     armada     eternity     balance     microwave     phantasy
force     tgwc    success     tommyknockers     no limits     the force    
byterapers     mirage int.     new wave     abandon     exult     anarchy    
mythos      and fuckn' rest what i forgot.     (sorry but i didn't have a
correct list.)              and now let's give the keys dr.weird for little
story about us and about little country called finland!                      
hello guys, girls, gays and even members of unique!   i'm on the keys now 'coz i
have little story to ya! let me tell....  once there was a dawn of times, times
when the land of finland roarmed with the beasts called.... lamers! the lamers
tried to do this and that but nothin' really  amazing never happened. not before
the ruling darkness arrived..... the ultimate darkness called...... deathstar! 
it came and took over the control.  lamers panicked...they formed little cults
and tried to worship their own gods. they tried to fight amongst each other.
some of them just died in peace, some are still living, strongly or just barely.
  the darkness never cared about these savage beasts. it had somethin' else on
mind..... somethin' else that had nothing to with finland then some lamers tried
to imitate the ultimate darkness, some of them even telled that they are part of
it.   ds went mad about it, skies fell down, all the hell breaked down.......
and after the storm there was a bright light beside the old god..... a light of
future called.....animate!  no one could imitate it, no one could tear it apart!
it's a legend.  it's a myth!         it was no use to fight to it!  it was the
ultimate darkness and light together!  deathstar was reborn as animate!    
animate! wanted no wars anymore, no destruction never again.   but no!   some of
lamer cults didn't see it! they continued on their way of destruction, ravaving
across the country.  only result was that only thing they got, was a bad
reputation! no matter how good or fast they were, they were mostly hated.       
  i hope that i taugth you something about finland.  amiga is not for wars!  if
you hate somebody, go and kick his ass!  don't bloody the amiga scene!  if
someone fucks with me, i'll go and do something to his face, not try to
imbarrase him in public.   you new ones don't know the rules of business.  did
the old legends like x-men, byterapers, accession etc. do that?    no, and they
aren't still doing it.  only the new ones like team-x, unique etc.. are thinkin'
too much about themselves.  i have nothing against to you guys but try to cool
down a bit!       signed by dr.weird of animate!               and again it's
cameron on the keys!   did ya like that story?  i think it was cool.      ok, if
you are still lookin' at screen let's type the address again if you didn't get
it first time.....   animate! 609     20301 turku     finland   and
that was for swapping or if you want to join us.             i think i have
nothin' to tell ya anymore. so bye from cameron of animate in march 1990        
 ..animate!  you can't beat the feeling!

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