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a new demo is born !!!!!!!        yep, the arcaniacs are back....     after one
and a half year (no comment .ed) we bring you a new filled vector demo. last
time we where the first in denmark (i think .ed) with the filled crap, now we
are the first in the world (i hope .ed) with round filled vector with hidden
lines and in 3 colors.                       xthis round-one was a bit hard to
make, because it contains over 4096 points and thats hard to rotate and plot
under one frame. we made it  by drawing 4 lines with the blitter and when the
blitter starts drawing the lines we moved a new destination into it all the
time. but there was a problem, how did you hide the lines?????    the problem
was solved with some large tables, for the maske (bltafwm) register, this was
also moved into the blitter all the time, while drawing the 4 lines....    the
next problem was that you have to move the destination and the maske register
into the blitter very very fast, so therefore we made a copper-list for each
frame...      sorry about only one round object, but it took half a year to
design (oouuppss .ed)!!!!!                       xcthis demo is released at the
prologic and static bytes party in denmark in the days of 26-28/4 1991.         
                    xbif ya looking for credits and contact addresses then look
at the text above, but here come a few greetings from scot.  first of all to my
contacts, sorry for not sending anything back the last half year but my external
drive broke down and my internal drive is running under a special dos, not
compatible to amigados (he he he) !!!!!!so i have to buy a new one first (please
vote for this demo, so i have the money for it .ed)                           x
soon comming from arcane, a database for musicrecords (lp/cd/mc). the base will
only run on a pc, so buy one if ya dont have one.  send me a letter if ya want a
copy to(o): frank nielsen (scot), glums0vej 42, 2700 br0nsh0j, denmark.  the
database ain"t finish yet, but i will send a preview to ya!!!!!!                
            xca few greetings to: kefrens(?) (promax and detron, what about a
new killer demo???? -razter, sorry about the future comp. -metallion, don"t stop
making demos! and nightlight for always great tunes) - channel 42 (grafitive,
thanks for the telly picture and for rescue my source code from the
read/write-error death!) - class (deroy) - palace (tcf(?) and startrek, dot
exploder rulez he he he!!!) - rebels (hi: static, droopy, xod, ozone  osv osv) -
crionics (all members, for always making great demos) - silents (all members,
same ascii as crionics) - phenomena - scoopex (not tmb .ed) - anarchy - red
sector - share and enjoy  and the rest of the best

Text Writer
a new demo called:
the pink circle.
and always remember:
arcane, when drugs
ain"t enough..

from denmark
we present
the first demo ever
made with,
round filled vector!
but first some of
the usual
filled crap!

is the objects too
nope, lets see the
most used object
ever made!!!!
ps. even john lennon
used it(??)

okay, lets see
whats on the

lets show some balls
(not mine .ed)

okay, lets remove
some of the slow
vector balls !!!

and now !!!!!
lets see a round-
filled object, in
3 colors with hidden

sorry for only
one object, but
it took half a year
to design!!!

the show is off
lets see the usual
no, celebrandil mode
available !!!!

thats all!
now follows the
credits and contact

round-vex by    scot
idea by   toxin
filled-vex formula
by merlin
vex-bobs by scot
3d-stars by    toxin

graphics by:
music by:     zetrix
objects and
design by       scot

contact us at:
poste restante
8600 silkeborg

contact the
programmer at:
frank nielsen (scot)
glums0vej 42
2700 br0nsh0j
(no swapping!)

thats all !!

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