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admirals finland (viinaland) present a little intro called ...join us intro... 
yeah! we really need more (quality) members like good modem traders, swappers,
coders and musicians can certainly join us! you do not need to be so called   
elite dude!!!    if friendship is something for you and you wanna to join
us...(right mouze to stop scroller) then just write to dr.titus at:    
jkrkj.6b22      57170 sln     finland     and u get in, but only...if u are good
enough!!!  fast credits for this little intro...  coding by: deflex     music
by: little joe     and logo by: dr.titus... scrollwriting by dr.titus and
obligator!!     for hot swapping contact just obligator of admirals     poste
restante     14300 renko     finland     or contact deep runner of admirals    
kauriinpolku 1     13500 hml     finland     or snuffle of admirals    
hirvelant.88     61310 panttila     finland     or even contact slurk of
admirals     sammalsaarenk. 14     57170 sln     finland     so, do not hesitate
and contact us today for any reason!........ deflex of admirals wanna send
personal greetings to his good friend... chaosis of chrome.  some party greetz u
can find in the scroller above.  later dudes.....  wolwerine sucks!!            
        ...youhou... zakka of prime is here !!!!! i just wanted to inform, that
if somebody asshole sends this intro to me, i will drop him from my contact
list... yep, some hellos to my friends........norsman of omega, bombjack of
fairlight, miguel of treacl, and all prime members as also all guys at the
pardie !!!!!! c u ........................... ooooorgh!! its coltrain the
ultimate sigma hq wrapping.. so mezzy to snuffle!!! tuletkos seuraavillekin
meetingeille ja jos sitten saisit juotua sita kaljaaaaaa! no coming an poem... on kuin amiraali kalja yhta kuohuvainen ja yhta kylma (you know
cool!!!)..... sigma...leaded by 3 headed monkey!!!!!!! its time to  stop this
crap and go drink some beeeer!!!! cu soon!   so itz ed 209 of exotic men the
anaali persee!!!! and heres some lame quality text!!!!!  jeepu, this is ed 209
of the shitty exotic men fucking with this slimy keyboard... i do not write long
scrollers, just bcoz i will go to drink some beer... commari lahestyy, ruohopalo
tappaa!  ed sinking off! here is chipper of grace sf on the keys...i
only want to say hellos to some persons...norsman of omega...the idea of co
operation was great.i hope we will meet somewhere...ok,now i have to leave... ja
paskat kalja on paskaa!!! ei sita juo elava erkkikaan!!! oooh se on coltrain ja
paska patruunat poikii.... no  tasta partysta lukee parikkalan,imatran ja muissa
paikallis  lehdissa ja olihan tasta radiossakin!!! wow !!! no en anna muitten
kirjoittaa!!! joo sigma ruled ja rules again!!! admirals on kooli kolnilainen
tiimi!!! no ei vais kaan no mun ruma naama on ruma!!! ei saa ottaa kuvia koska
jokin suodatin voi hajota!!! vittu dr.titus vauhtia!!! hanki  no ei se mitaan ei
oo heittomerkkia tuolla lopossa no lopossa.... vieressasi!! samoi etssie odgf
exotic men voi etta lopetas onko procyon taalla no muutaman.....plugs down......
u suck , we fuck!!!!!!!!!!! yes! we just came from little drinking conference
held by primen piikkiin! jees! we are innocent! we did not do anything at all.
we are so peaceful people. i just can not think that i would drink some alcohol
liquid!  no, that is very big sin, and god will punish me for that.  coltrain is
pushing my asshole, bcoz i must go to smoke some grass with coltrain.  kikki
corruptions strikes with old smelling members.... i guess that i must stop this
non sensible crap and left this ugly rotten amiga jooh!  kah poekaa! gagga wants
to write something very clean... joo! ed 209 the porkkana jenking offfff....
pufffhhhh!  jii, do not belive what ed just said..... he was only joking!!!!! 8)
....jep, here is one hell of a line beside me, and everybody wants to type some
bull..... but, i do not care...!!! well hell, i just saw some grace members will
maybe start co operation with omega ?????? is it true   norsman of omega
???????????? well, good luck guys...... the party is not so cool at the moment,
but it is only friday and clock is 18.00.... i must say that here supposed to be
some kind of pizzeria....  onko kaupasta ostettu pizza, eli joku saarioisten
mikro pizza tai vastaava kunnon pizzaa !!!!?????!!!!   ei    well so what,
parikkala town has at least on goood grill, were we ate with other prime
members.... yepp yepp, what to write? well, i think that copperhead of praim
wants to rape this gayboard after me, so maybe i just split.........hastala
vista amigos.........meniko oikein? ei tietoo....well anusway, gotta go
now............ 8(            hello freax!!!!   i have no more to say than...  
this party is very very very boring... so fuck off !!!!yo guys!!!it is ork the
elite of afl typing here in this booring lame party in parikkala (sorry grendel
etc.,but i really mean lame!!!).there is not much more to say so i have to say
...bye bye... helo.. this is dr.degrez writing now.. i only want to say that
energys finland part released a intro !!! and greetring to wicked of exotic men
... energy owns a baord called red alert  358 0 2710784   24h  v.42 v.32 mnp
1,2,3,4,5  zyz is dr.degrez !! so.. me !! ok.. cool place thiz gathering but
xxxx group makes this party unbelieve crabbish. paskat partyt, perkele ! ok..
bye from dr.degrez now! who the hell are u ? i am !!!!
Text Writer
admirals sends party greets
to following dudes:

dr.mastermind of mf
angel of electric impulse
all members of prime
ed-209 of exotic men
coltrain of sigma
jatax of -
chipper of grace sf
king arthur of nc
ork of alpha flight
ginky of decept
dr.techno of energy
dr.degrez of energy
al sabah of conflict
wicked of conflict
averell of mf sf
and to all others!!!!

see u later dudez!!!

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